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Looking to break free from the ordinary office party? These team-building activities in Minneapolis and St. Paul will get people excited about attending and renew their appreciation for one another!

As an event planner, you know how important it is to choose activities that have value and align with attendees’ interests – organizing team-building in Minneapolis is no different. Whether the purpose is to ignite creativity, increase trust, or just give people a much-needed break from the regular grind, we’ll help you choose something that suits your team perfectly.

In this guide to group activities in Minneapolis, we cover…

Team Building Activity Ideas In The Twin Cities

Team building takes more than trust fall exercises or weekly happy hour meet-ups at the local pub – you need collaborative problem-solving, shared laughter, and learning experiences outside the work realm. When people get to know each other personally, they will likely work better together and feel more fulfilled!

Consider these team-building activities in Minneapolis for an event that resonates with your team and organizational goals.

Escape Room

Escape Room

In the world of escape rooms, teamwork, quick thinking, and a pump of adrenaline combine to create a brain-tingling experience. These immersive puzzles are perfect for putting your team’s problem-solving skills to the test.

In The Twin Cities, Puzzleworks Escape Co. has rooms like Loose Sleuth, the Vault, the Hospital, the Dungeon, and the Museum. And they offer special team-building packages for up to 44 players!

Volunteering Day

Picture your team stepping outside the office and working together to make your community a better place! Maybe you’ll contribute to a local non-profit, environmental initiative, or community project. Either way, your team will enjoy working toward a common goal and putting effort into something truly meaningful.


Cooking Or Mixology Class

Cooking and mixology classes encourage team members to work together in a creative environment where they will make mistakes and celebrate success. Navigating these unfamiliar tasks helps build confidence in the face of obstacles, while the immediate gratification of enjoying a meal or beverage contributes to a rewarding team experience.

Prep Kitchen Essentials offers cooking classes specifically for corporate events in Minneapolis, and they have a virtual option perfect for spread-out remote groups! If craft libations are more your team’s style, check out Casey’s Cocktails – they offer private mobile mixology classes and will bring the bar right to your office or the event space of your choice.

Art Workshop

Art workshops often involve an element of vulnerability. Sharing artistic creations and explaining where inspiration comes from helps build trust within the team and creates an atmosphere where people feel safe expressing themselves. As team members witness each other’s openness and creativity, they may leave with newfound respect and understanding.

Upstairs Circus is the best place to find crafty Minneapolis team-building activities. They have over 25 projects to choose from (everyone can pick something different if they want) and a private event space for groups of eight or more. Plus, there’s a full bar! “Creations are better with libations,” their website says!

Axe Throwing

Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is a great corporate event idea in Minneapolis. Just imagine how satisfying it would feel to chuck a heavy object across the room after completing a project that was nothing but headaches and hurdles. While axe throwing involves individual turns, aiming for the bull’s eye naturally leads to friendly competition within the team. Plus, no one can deny the shared thrill of watching someone hurl an axe at a target!

At Bad Axe Throwing Minneapolis, you’ll get a private area, an axe-throwing coach, and two hours to unleash your inner Viking. They also serve food and drinks to keep the good times flowing (just don’t drink too much – you don’t want any rogue axes!)

Group Yoga

Yoga is known for its stress-reducing benefits and positive energy. By practicing together, team members can collectively experience a sense of calm and awareness, which could lead to increased focus and unity in the workplace.

MPLS Yoga holds private team-building events at its studio in Minneapolis. Call them to immerse your team in healing vibes!


Kayaking Or Pontoon Boating

Paddling in kayaks or cruising on a pontoon boat is an adventure your team can reminisce about long after you dry off! Exploring the water together, overcoming challenges, and taking in scenic views create shared experiences that contribute to a sense of camaraderie.

In a more practical sense, water is dynamic and unpredictable, so a successful trip takes adapting to changing conditions and making smart choices – this reinforces the importance of flexibility and quick decision-making!

Local Sports Outing

Attending a local sports game as a team allows everyone to share in the enthusiasm, cheer for their home team, and experience the highs and lows of the game together. This shared experience can make everyone feel like they’re part of something bigger, leading to a greater sense of unity at work.

Private Team Building Event Ideas

Private team-building events in Minneapolis offer a personalized touch that caters to your group’s unique dynamics. Whether you choose to host the event at your office or rent an intimate space like the Heritage Center, we’ve got some ideas for fun group activities in Minneapolis that will help colleagues connect, collab, and bring everyone closer together.

Office Party

Holiday Or Major Milestone Office Party

Celebrate the season or mark a significant milestone with a big party! Contact a great local caterer (be sure to ask your team about dietary allergies and preferences), hire some fun entertainment, schedule team-building activities, and create a relaxed environment where people can feel free to be themselves.

Check out what the Star Tribune says about choosing the Heritage Center for Minneapolis group activities! We’re proud to offer incredible in-house catering options and a dedicated sales manager to assist with executing a unique celebration.

Interactive Workshops

Interactive workshops involve activities that enhance teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and other important skills. They are usually facilitated by team-building experts and there are tons of options to choose from, depending on your team’s goals and preferences.

A few ideas for interactive workshops include:

  • Retrospective session: Get everyone together to reflect on past experiences and plan for even more success in the future.
  • Skills training: Bring in an energetic coach to teach your team something new in a way that doesn’t feel like “work.”
  • Cardboard boat challenge: Break your group into smaller teams and hand out cardboard and tape. Challenge them to work together and create a boat that can float for a certain amount of time. (This is great for practicing teamwork and celebrating shared accomplishments!)
Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery Dinner

Murder mystery dinners add a thrilling twist to team-building events! Groups collaborate to gather clues, analyze evidence, and uncover the identity of a “killer.” Attention to detail and creative thinking are keys to solving the mystery!

Plus, these crime-themed events have elements of fun and imagination – individuals can show off parts of their personality they might never express at work, and the team will grow more vibrant because of it!

Check out Murder Mystery Co’s team-building events!

Themed Trivia Night

Team trivia requires everyone to pool their knowledge and answer questions about everything from local lore to pop culture, current events, random facts, and beyond! The game naturally encourages some friendly competition and excites participants to work together and beat the other teams. Whether they win or lose, teams will realize their peers know about more than they let on!

To organize a themed trivia night, you can create the questions and designate a host yourself, or you can hire a company like Trivia Mafia.

Health And Wellness Retreat

If your organization says it prioritizes employee health and well-being, there’s no better way to show it than by treating everyone to a health and wellness retreat. You don’t need to put everyone up in a luxury resort for the weekend – just rent out an event space, like the Heritage Center!

As you plan the retreat, consider hiring yoga instructors, nutritionists, or mental health experts. You should also include wellness activities such as nature walks, mindfulness workshops, and meditation sessions. Make sure to choose activities people can do as individuals and groups so everyone gets what they need from the experience.

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Host Your Next Team Building Event At The Heritage Center

As we wrap up this exploration of team-building activities in Minneapolis and St. Paul, it’s clear that the Twin Cities offer plenty of experiences that can strengthen, connect, and empower teams! Whether it’s the thrill of escape rooms, the tranquility of group yoga, or the excitement of local sports outings, there’s something for every team’s taste.

Ready to take your team building to the next level? The Heritage Center of Brooklyn Center offers a variety of adaptable indoor and outdoor spaces perfect for your fun group activities in Minneapolis. We stand out from other corporate event venues with our stunning historic site, expert sales managers, and dedication to making your event extraordinary! Contact us today to book your venue space and begin planning a team-building event your coworkers will rave about for years.