It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed or confused when searching for a classic wedding theme that still feels personal. On one hand, you desire to honor timeless customs, while on the other, you want to infuse your unique story into the celebration. This article is here to show you some timeless wedding themes and share ways to incorporate your personality for an event that you’ll love even decades from now.

Selecting a wedding theme that’s always in style will ensure your special day withstands the test of time – just like your relationship. The themes in this article will guide you to planning a wedding that you’ll look back on and say, “I’m still so glad we chose that!”

Keep reading to learn more about the following classing wedding styles:

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Black and White Wedding Table Decorations

Black And White Color Theme

A black and white color theme exudes sophistication and elegance, making it a timeless choice for any classy wedding. Incorporating this palette into attire could involve table settings adorned with crisp black linens and elegant white floral centerpieces to create a striking visual contrast. Venue decor could include black and white drapery, black runners, white chair covers, a black and white tile dance floor, and black signs with white writing. Black and white is a classic modern wedding theme with a refined atmosphere that never goes out of style.

Romantic outdoor wedding decorations

Romantic Garden Party

A romantic outdoor wedding garden party transports guests into a world of enchantment, where lush greenery and flowers create a naturally intimate setting. To enhance the romance of this classic wedding style, consider draping fairy lights among the foliage and covering pathways with floral archways. Garden-inspired centerpieces with cascading flowers and leafy foliage can adorn tables, infusing the air with fragrant blossoms and adding to the whimsical ambiance.

To align your garden party with traditional wedding decor, you might consider using roses instead of wildflowers in centerpieces and bouquets. Additionally, outdoor weddings often have a more casual feel. If you’d prefer to keep things traditionally formal, let guests know they will be outside, but you request that they stick to an elegant dress code.

Bride looking in the mirror of a vintage car

Vintage Glamour Decor

Vintage glamour evokes the sophistication and charm of a bygone era with timeless elements such as pearls, lace, and antique decor. Incorporating vintage furniture, classic cars, and period-specific attire will add depth to this classic wedding theme and transport guests to a time of elegance and refinement.

There are a few different ways to interpret a vintage glamour decor wedding, and you can choose whatever suits you best! For example, you could go with a steampunk aesthetic that features Edison bulb lighting, faded leather chairs, and antique clocks. Or opt for something reminiscent of the Great Gatsby, with large white feathers, pearls, a champagne tower, and gold accents.

Plan a Barn Wedding that Perfectly Matches Your Rustic Aesthetic

Rustic wedding table decorations

Rustic Charm

Rustic charm for simple, elegant weddings draws on the warmth of natural materials like wood and burlap. Venues such as barns or outdoor settings perfectly complement this theme and offer picturesque backdrops of rolling fields, majestic mountains, or solemn forests.

You can decorate wooden farm tables with burlap runners, upcycled containers filled with wildflowers, and raw wood centerpieces. Fairy lights can illuminate the ceremony or reception as the sun sets, and a live acoustic band would be an excellent addition to the event’s ambiance.

Couple kissing on a dock with a reflection in the water

Water Setting

A wedding set near water embodies serene beauty, whether it’s the tranquil shores of a beach, the peaceful ambiance of a lake, the gentle flow of a riverside, or the graceful presence of a fountain. To maximize the picturesque backdrop, consider incorporating water-inspired decor, such as seashell accents, driftwood centerpieces, and green-blue hues in the color scheme. Then, time your vows to overlap with the sunset for a golden embrace and a breathtaking backdrop. When planning a wedding that follows a strict timeline, a day-of coordinator can make sure every minute goes according to plan!

Bride and groom sitting in a Fairytale wedding carriage

Fairytale Theme

A fairytale-themed wedding transforms the celebration into a magical experience straight out of a storybook! Elements like castles, carriages, and enchanted forests will enchant guests at every turn. Set the tone with invitations that express the whimsy and wonder of a fairytale, perhaps with delicate scrollwork or vintage illustrations reminiscent of classic storybooks. Then, transport guests into another world with castle-inspired arches, twinkling fairy lights to mimic starlight, and lush greenery, creating the illusion of an enchanted forest.

You can also incorporate elements from your favorite fairytales or stories – glass slippers to hold name cards, exiting your elegant wedding reception in a horse-drawn carriage, flower crowns as table favors, or a cake design with delicate sparkling sugar flowers that cascade down like a waterfall.

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wildflowers as wedding table decorations

Countryside Setting And Wildflowers

Imagine an elegant wedding in the countryside adorned with vibrant hues and earthy tones that paint a picturesque scene of natural beauty. Consider using locally sourced wildflowers for bouquets, centerpieces, and venue decorations to add authenticity to this classic wedding theme and capture the essence of your surroundings. As guests celebrate your love, they’ll be enveloped in the sweet fragrance of wildflowers and an atmosphere of rural romance that perfectly complements the setting.

hollywood wedding decorations

Old Hollywood

To capture the glamour and sophistication of old Hollywood for your timeless wedding theme, start with a venue that exudes elegance. Perhaps a historic building with sparkling chandeliers, a balcony that overlooks the dining room, a stunning solid-wood bar, or authentic Art Deco accents. You can roll out a red carpet at the entrance and set up a “step and repeat” where a photographer snaps pictures of guests as they arrive – just like a movie premiere.

Encourage guests to dress in flowing gowns and sharp suits that echo the classic glamour of cinema’s golden age. For the finishing touches, you can offer classic cocktails in coupe glasses, set up a photo booth with vintage props, and set up a typewriter where guests can type out well wishes (instead of inside a guest book)

Gold wedding decoration accents

Regal Gold Accents

Regal gold accents have the power to infuse classic wedding decor with an undeniable sense of luxury and sophistication. To tastefully integrate this color into your wedding, strike a balance between opulence and elegance – consider table settings with delicate gold-rimmed china, golden charger plates, or gold-trimmed glassware. You could also use gold-plated flatware or napkin rings.

Throughout the venue, decorate with golden elements like gilded mirrors, ornate gold-framed artwork, or shimmering gold drapery. Candles in gold candelabras can cast the event in a golden glow, adding to the romantic atmosphere.

Art And Geometric Shaped Wedding Decor

Art And Geometric Shaped Decor

Art and geometric shapes are excellent for alternative weddings that exude personality but still have a timeless, classic feel. You can set the tone for your chic and captivating wedding with invitations that hint at the geometric theme to come. For example, if you’re getting married underneath a hexagon wedding arch, you might send invitations on hexagon-shaped paper.

Table arrangements can feature geometric vases with succulents or air plants, adding a touch of nature to this modern classic wedding theme. You can also mix geometric-shaped containers with elegant floral arrangements for a look that is both stylish and sophisticated. Finally, geometric-shaped place cards, table numbers, or chandeliers can tie the whole theme together for a cohesive look.

wedding table at heritage center

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In exploring 10 classic wedding themes, we’ve discussed a range of options for planning an event that perfectly captures your story. From the timeless elegance of black and white color schemes, water settings, countryside wildflowers, and gold accents to weddings inspired by garden parties, vintage glamour, fairytales, old Hollywood, and geometry, each theme presents a unique opportunity to infuse your big day with personal meaning and style.

With all of this inspiration for simple, elegant weddings at your fingertips, you can begin to navigate the planning process with confidence! As you embark on the journey, the Heritage Center of Brooklyn Center would be honored to support you. Please take a look at our facilities map to find a spot on our property that will make your timeless wedding theme come to life.

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