Spring has sprung, and so has wedding shower season! As the flowers start to bloom, the loved ones of brides are starting to consider their options for a memorable, fun bridal shower the guest of honor will love. If you find yourself scouring the internet for ideas as you plan a bridal shower this spring, look no further! Here are five utterly unique bridal shower ideas to spark your creativity and get the party started:

Unique Bridal Shower Ideas:

Host a Wine Tasting

Perfect for the bride that loves nothing more than a glass of wine at the end of a long day, a wine tasting bridal shower is great for small- to medium-sized parties. Bring the gals to a local wine bar, restaurant or vineyard and let a sommelier teach the group about delicious wine varieties through tasting and pairing. To make things extra special, you might consider choosing a theme for the tasting, like vintages from the couple’s first year together or wines from their honeymoon location.

Of course, if you have underage members of your group or folks who aren’t imbibing, this may not be the perfect bridal shower idea—be sure to double-check the guest list and inquire about everyone’s comfort level with alcohol before finalizing any plans!

Make It a Charity Fundraiser

You’re celebrating a love that will last a lifetime—so why not show a little love to some favorite charities while you party? A charity-centric bridal shower is perfect for the bride who doesn’t love being the center of attention, or for the couple who has been together long enough to acquire all the household necessities bridal shower gifts would normally provide. Rather than asking guests to bring gifts, direct them to the donation site for one or more of the couple’s favorite charities. (Donations to the local charities on the front lines of COVID-19 recovery efforts could be a thoughtful way to recognize current events—guests will appreciate knowing their donation will positively impact a timely issue!)

If charitable causes and giving back is central to the couple’s life together, you might even consider pulling in elements of those values into the shower’s theming: Think pops of green and succulent centerpieces (That guests can take home!) for the environmental couple or a vegan menu for animal activists.

Go Glamping

Some brides are the outdoorsy type, and some brides would be outdoorsy if they could juuuust bring along a few essentials, like chilled rosé and air conditioning! If your bride is the latter, consider a glamping shower! Glamping—glamorous camping—is more accessible than ever thanks to sites like Airbnb and Glamping Hub, and is great for medium-sized groups or larger.

Pull in the couple’s wedding colors for additional decor elements like pennant garlands and floral arrangements on your picnic tables, or take some inspiration from pop culture like a quirky summer camp theme a la Wes Anderson’s “Moonrise Kingdom.” Add a gourmet twist to some of your favorite camping snacks (S’mores cupcakes, anyone? How about fire-grilled corn with all the fixin’s?) and a special excursion, like a hike or visit to some hot springs, to cap off the celebration.

Stock the Bar

For couples who love cocktails, a bar-themed bridal shower is a no-brainer! Instead of traditional gifts, guests at your stock the bar party are asked to bring either an alcohol-centric item from the couple’s wedding registry (think cocktail shakers, wine glasses or ice molds) or a bottle of alcohol (wine, liquor, fancy mixers and so on) to help—you guessed it!—stock the newlywed’s bar.

Since the top-shelf bottles brought by the guests are meant for the couple, be sure to have your own stock of libations available for bridal shower guests. A signature cocktail celebrating the bride, the couple, or one of their shared interests is a great way to bring in some additional theming! You could even take the party out on the town by arranging for a mixology class or liquor tasting at a local bar, distillery or craft-cocktail-centric restaurant.

Coed Celebration

Ladies-only shindigs are so 2000! Welcome to the future, where the guys and gals of the wedding party can celebrate the couple in each other’s company. Turn the “bridal shower” into a “couple’s shower” by inviting the groom and his best friends to the party. Perfect for the couple with tons of shared friends or the delightfully nontraditional pair, a coed celebration lends itself well to an all-out party. Plan an evening event in the backyard complete with food (Barbecue fans, this one’s for you!), drinks and music, and raise a glass of something sparkling to the couple you all love!

Whatever theme or event style you choose, remember that a bridal shower is all about celebrating the love that brought the bride and groom together. The party should be as unique as the couple! Don’t be afraid to incorporate their hobbies, interests, and love story—plus traditions old and new—into your planning process to guarantee an unforgettable day.