Anyone who has ever lead a meeting knows that there is a lot to prepare for. Making sure you hit all the talking points, setting up the proper technology, and keeping attendees on task are just some of the worries that can come to mind. One thing that should not cause stress is the location of your meeting. Finding the perfect place can seem daunting, but knowing what to look for will make the process go quickly and smoothly.

When you start looking for a location for your next event or meeting, the following are the most important things to keep in mind:


As the real estate cliche goes, three things are important in event planning: location, location, location. Depending on the type of event you are hosting, the location of the venue can make a big difference. If it is a work-related meeting, chances are everyone invited to the meeting will be in attendance regardless of where it takes place. If you are planning a voluntary meeting or seminar, however, people will be more inclined to attend if it is convenient for them to do so or is in a desirable location.


Are you looking for certain decor options at your event? Do you want to evoke a certain feel or ambiance? Keep this in mind when you book a venue. For example, you wouldn’t book the same venue for a convention as you would for a board of directors meeting – that is unless the venue had a ton of options to pick from. Make sure the space you choose gives the desired effect that you want to radiate to your guests.


Depending on the meeting or event you are hosting, the added amenities at a venue will sometimes greatly influence your decision. Next year, your guests may not remember the key points of the keynote speech, but they will remember if the room was too small, if there wasn’t enough food to go around, or if the sound system wasn’t working properly. Look for a venue with high-quality food, linens and table cloth options, and a setup and clean-up crew. Also, check to see if you will need to bring your own audio/video equipment along or if there will be available equipment to rent.


Deciding on a budget for an event can be tricky. You want the most bang for your buck, but you also want to wow your guests and create a pleasant feel for the event. Venue cost can take a chunk out of other budget items, such as food or entertainment. Finding a venue that helps you with the added features of your event can save you considerable time and money. At Earle Brown, we can help you decide on the perfect menu and customize your event to fit your needs.


Parking can be an issue, especially when you have event attendees traveling to get to the meeting. Find out if the venue has street parking, a parking ramp, or a parking lot to accommodate guests. Valet parking is a treat for your guests but may be an added and unnecessary expense on your budget.

Located just off I-94 / I-694 and Hwy 100, Earle Brown Heritage Center is easy to find and navigate. We offer free onsite parking to all guests.

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