Writing thank you notes probably didn’t make the list of things you’re most excited for in the first few months of wedded bliss. As large as the task may seem after your big day has come and gone, it’s important that your guests feel appreciated.

Here is our guide to make the process of crafting the perfect thank you notes as painless as possible.

Get Started Early

Instead of panicking three months after your wedding and writing every note in one night, try to write a few each day. Not only will this make the experience more enjoyable, it will result in more genuine and personal messages.


Don’t Wait Too Long to Send Them

The adage “better late than never” applies to thank you notes; However, it’s best to not leave guests wondering if an acknowledgment will ever come.

Mention How You’ll Use a Gift of Money

Your family and friends will love to hear that their gift to you is being put toward something that you’re excited about, like buying a new home or saving for a family.


Don’t Write Too Much

It just isn’t necessary! You can fit a heartfelt thank you and mention how you’ll use their gift in a few sentences.


Get Creative With Stationary

Using your wedding colors or including a photo from your wedding day is a nice touch. If you see a great idea on Pinterest, don’t be afraid to try it out!


Don’t Send Cards with Printed Messages

A personal note shows you appreciate their gift and their presence on your big day.

To make things simple, be sure to include these things in your note:

  • The guest’s name
  • The gift you received
  • How you plan to use the gift
  • Your appreciation for the gift and for helping you celebrate


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