Each year, wedding trends change in dynamic, exciting ways, but the dawn of a new decade is bound to be especially influential on the wedding world. In 2020, wedding planners anticipate couples embracing individuality and unique themes for their big day. Change and innovation is on the wind this year, so expect to see a groundswell of non-traditional, couple-specific wedding vibes! Here are our predictions for the top five trendiest wedding themes for 2020: 

  1. Eco-Friendly Fȇtes
  2. Micro-Weddings
  3. Bold Maximalism
  4. Art Deco Decadence
  5. Celestial Vibes


Eco-Friendly Fȇtes

We agree with wedding experts at The Knot on this one: Sustainable weddings are the pollution-free-wave of the future. The average wedding creates a carbon footprint of 63 tons — that’s the weight of more than 25 elephants, for reference. With the planet heating up and climate concerns in the news daily, conscientious couples will be going green for their big day. Starting from their engagement rings (ethically-sourced diamonds and vintage bling top 2020 brides’ Pinterest boards) to their zero-waste, locally-sourced receptions, sustainability will be seen throughout this year’s weddings down to the smallest details. 

If an eco-friendly wedding speaks to you, consider asking your potential venues about how they reduce the carbon footprint of their events — if they have an outdoor space suitable for your wedding’s season, that’s a great place to start! 



Make your wedding day ultra-intimate by opting for a micro-wedding. While the official definition of a micro-wedding seems to be in flux (The Knot says 40 guests or less; Brides.com says a dozen or less,) the general concept is the same: Bigger is not always better! Couples are downsizing their “big” day in order to spend more quality time with their nearest and dearest, create a more personalized experience, and keep their budgets in check. Micro-weddings also open up a wider variety of venue options and financial wiggle room to make creative, meaningful choices in important areas like food and beverage, decor and more. 

To start planning a micro-wedding, don’t start with the guest list: Start with your venue! If you have a place in mind, find out the maximum occupancy of the space, then whittle down your guest list until there’s room for everyone to be comfortable. The rest will fall into place from there! 


Bold Maximalism

WeddingWire says 2020 wedding trends can be exemplified in one phrase: Go bold or go home. We couldn’t agree more! Forget pared-down minimalist aesthetics — 2020 brides are opting for bright colors, exuberant florals, and a beautifully mixed-up palette of textures, patterns and visuals. A maximalist wedding theme gives couples free reign to explore everything they love, from cheeky neon signs to doughnut walls to vibrant colored-smoke send-offs. It’s a no-holds-barred, more-more-more approach to the most important day of your life — after all, you’re only going to do this once! 

If a whimsical maximalist wedding is exactly your style, start thinking of out-of-the-box venues and entertainment options. Perhaps a nearby pier has a gorgeous, turn-of-the-century Ferris wheel you’d love to use, or maybe your favorite botanical garden’s brightest blooms will be in full effect on your wedding date. Anything goes! 


Art Deco Decadence

Did you think we’d let 2020 go by without hearkening back to the Roaring ‘20s? Not a chance! While we suspect we’ll see a lot of Art Deco-inspired weddings throughout this new decade, 2020 is bound to see the biggest boom of the theme. Lavish decor featuring ornate Art Deco details, geometric shapes and lots of sparkle will take center stage, and Gatsby-esque vintage attire will be the bee’s knees. Bust out your beaded fringe and Juliet veil, then make your way to the speakeasy (a.k.a. your venue) to enjoy glasses of giggle water (Champagne, naturally) and dance the night away to Le Jazz Hot. 

Does the allure of a dazzling vintage celebration sound like the cat’s pajamas? Keep your peepers open for a venue with a stunning ballroom — chandeliers preferred, but not required — that can accommodate your vision for your swingin’ big day. 


Celestial Vibes

For a truly out-of-this-world wedding day, shoot for a dreamy celestial theme. The sky is quite literally the limit with this theme: Sparkling stars, luminous moons and inky dark blues bring the wonder of the Universe to your wonderous wedding. You could even incorporate the Pantone Color of the Year for 2020, Classic Blue, in your decor, hitting two hot trends in one go! Opt for a palette of deep blues, blacks and silver, then bring in über-trendy elements like a starry gown or a galaxy-inspired cake with whorls of color and hand-painted constellations. 

If you and your spouse-to-be find yourselves gazing at the stars and feeling inspired, a celestial wedding theme might be for you! Obviously, a ceremony beneath the starry sky would be perfection, but you can also bring outer space to your indoor venue by getting creative with lighting and projections.


Found the Theme of Your Dreams? 

If you’ve settled on your perfect wedding theme, we’d love to help bring it to life! Earle Brown is an exquisite, versatile venue capable of complementing and elevating any wedding theme. Learn more about our historic, atmospheric venue and discover how we can bring Perfection By Design to your big day.