With fall fast approaching, it’s time to begin planning your company holiday party! The best venues and vendors are typically booked in advance, so you’ll want to start finalizing details sooner rather than later. With a full plate, it can feel rather overwhelming for an employer to add the task of coordinating a successful party into the mix. Let Earle Brown walk you through it!

Key factors for a party that your guests will remember and rave about include good food, laughter, and an opportunity to enjoy time with coworkers away from the office. Consider your company and the people attending – what kind of party should you throw? An IT company could have great success hosting a holiday party with a video arcade while a human resources department might succeed with a fancy cocktail party complete with a formal photo op and free prints for each guest. Would your employees love a random afternoon off from work to attend the company party or a fancy Friday night affair?

Once you know what kind of party you are throwing, the next step is to iron out logistics:


Event centers, DJs, entertainers, and caterers typically fill their calendar several months in advance, which means now is the time to decide who to hire. Some venues include services such as florals, centerpieces, and linens so take that into consideration when making reservations.


What to serve is often the biggest and most important decision to make! Captivating the senses creates lasting memories, which is why so many people will remember whether or not they were impressed with the food at a party. At Earle Brown, our menu not only impresses and delights, but it can accommodate your guests with dietary restrictions!


Will you have games, prizes, gifts, dancing, live music, drinks, or a theme? Some of these details can be sorted out closer to the event, but you will want to brainstorm some opportunities early on to ensure that your guests stay engaged during the party.

Regardless of the type of company party you are planning, giving your employees a chance to get out of the work environment is crucial. Hosting the party off-site gives that change in scenery so your guests can be more themselves, in addition to feeling special and appreciated. It also means less setup and cleanup for the employer! The right venue can also translate into less work on your to-do list.

Have fun planning your company holiday party this year – with Earle Brown Heritage Center!