It’s almost time for the company to have its employee holiday party. You’re probably busy trying to finalize all the plans to get food, beverages, and decorations in order. It’s also about time to decide on activities that are both fun and appropriate for a workplace environment.

Here is a list of 9 employee activities to consider for your holiday party.

   Reindeer Toss

Grab a cardboard box, two tree branches in a “V” shape, and some toss rings. Create a reindeer face on the cardboard box and stick the two branches in the top for “antlers”. Can’t find rings to toss? Loop red and white pipe cleaners to create simple, festive rings.


   Ornament Bean Bag Toss

Create a holiday tree on a piece of large paper or cardboard. Mark each section of the tree with point values of 10, 20, and 30 points – like a shuffleboard. Add 50 points for the star. This game works well as an individual or team game!


   Ornament Guessing Game

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Have everyone guess how many ornaments are on the tree. Write down your answers and the closest to the mark wins.


   Holiday Ring Toss

This is another fun ring game, only a bit more simplified. Find a toss a ring game and decorate it with red and white paper to make it holiday themed. You can upgrade a game you already have or modify something from the dollar store or thrift store.


   Holiday Charades

This is similar to regular charades, but with holiday characters instead.

   People Bingo

This is a great game for co-workers and guests to get to know each other. Create a bingo card with 15 different items on it. Ensure there are enough cards for everyone. Those that participate mingle with each other to find others who match the items on the bingo card. The first person to fill out the whole card wins the game.


   Name the Logo

For this fun party game, gather logos and ads from magazines and glue or tape them to numbered note cards. Post the same brand on its own note card. Throughout the party, have people guess which company is which. The person with the most correct guesses wins. Be sure to include your company logo!


   Holiday A-Z

Create teams of 3-4 for this holiday game. Each team receives a sheet of paper with the alphabet listed out. The team that is able to list as many holiday-themed words for each letter of the alphabet wins.


Guess that Stocking

Grab a 3-4 stockings, feel each one with a mix of small items. Ask for as many participants as there are stockings. Each participant takes a stocking, and tries to guess exactly what is in the stocking. The person with the most correct guesses wins the game.

Now that you have some ideas for your employee holiday party, grab some great gifts for the winners. With these activities and holiday cheer, everyone will have a fun time at the employee holiday party. If you’re still looking to book a venue for your holiday party, please visit Earle Brown.