At Earle Brown Heritage Center, we see events of all sizes and types, and we know the ways to execute an event that will help make your event organized and inspiring for your guests or colleagues.

Whether you’re looking for corporate rental space, a historic location for your fundraiser, or a charming indoor/outdoor reception area for your wedding, we have the space, staff, and ideas to pull it off.

Follow these tips to streamline your next event.

Start Early

This is the number one way to ensure you’ve crossed all your T’s in time for your event. No matter the size or subject, you will need more time than you think to book venues, speakers, and entertainment, and to get the word out to your guests. Corporate meetings should be booked 2-4 months ahead of time and fundraisers, forums, panels, and large meetings need anywhere from 1-3 months to plan with comfort. Larger events take longer to plan. Wedding dates usually start booking up 6 months to a year in advance and Conventions can take8 months to a year or more. 

Try this event timeline tool. It will help you accomplish tasks in time for a stellar event.

Add Some Flair

Planning an event is one of the few times you don’t have to worry about trying too many things. Hosting a fundraiser? Try a table-giveaway game, a wine wall, or Heads & Tails to raise money while your guests have fun. Holding a corporate meeting? Add icebreakers, time for networking, or downtime between discussions. What about your reception or reunion? Book a photo booth, great entertainers, and a chance for guests to log their thoughts and best wishes.

  1.     Use Technology to Your Advantage

Event planning apps and digital services can make your planning process organized and easy. At Earle Brown, we have the capabilities to take care of any of your event’s audio or visual needs.


If your guests will be submitting payments, you can use mobile auction apps so you’re not tallying receipts at the end of the night. For those unable to be at your presentation, share your deck with others using these modern PowerPoint alternatives. Toss out an event-specific hashtag to generate buzz and chronicle it all on social media.


  1.     Streamline Registration

There are now multiple options for registration software and digital tools that will streamline what is often the most disorganized and yet important part of your event. Especially if you’re requiring tickets, payment, or reserved spots, it’s essential to get the registration and check-in right. Consider these features of registration products and find the right tool for your event.


  1.     Organize the Flow

When you think you’re ready and you’ve thought through all the details, a key way to streamline your event is to do a virtual walk-through. Sit down with your colleagues or co-hosts and verbally walk through the experience of the event from the perspective of the guest. It will highlight any trouble spots or details you may have missed.


Join us at Earle Brown Center for your next event of any type. We have the spaces, technology, and amenities you’ll need for a perfectly streamlined occasion.