On your wedding day, trust the professionals when it comes to hair and makeup

The morning of your wedding day should be picture perfect. It’s a time to get pampered with your bridesmaids and prepare for the big day ahead. At Ziel Bridal we are honored to be a part of this special moment providing beauty services to brides and their bridal parties.

While you might envision your wedding morning as a perfect moment surrounded by your closest friends, we have seen brides deal with unexpected surprises. Perhaps a bridesmaid doesn’t show up to the venue to start beauty services on time, the power goes out and your curling irons don’t work, or you makeup artist doesn’t show up at all.

We have seen these nightmares happen to brides and have some tips to help you create the picture perfect wedding day of your dreams:

Hire a professional beauty team

While beauty bloggers offer a ton of makeup and hair advice, for an event like your wedding you should leave it to the professionals.

What happens when you hire a friend for beauty services on your wedding day who doesn’t know the ins and outs of providing professional services? A few questions you should ask yourself: Are they going to show up? Do they have a backup plan for my wedding day if they can’t make it? Do they know proper sanitation so you aren’t going on your honeymoon with pink eye? Can they provide services in a timely manner so you stay on track in the morning?  

So many situations can arise when you choose someone who looks at your wedding day as a hobby, and not the most important day of your life. We can definitely help plan your perfect morning!

Choose the right venue

We love providing our services at Earle Brown Heritage Center. Their organization and services put our brides at ease and help the wedding morning go smoothly. Your bridesmaids don’t need to run late getting mimosas or breakfast because Earle Brown will cater directly to your getting-ready space.

At Earle Brown, you walk into the venue and get everyone ready with ample space. Other venues might have a tiny space for hair and makeup with too few outlets, making it hard for everyone to be comfortable. Our kits are always prepared for any environment or situation, and we bring extension cords! Our brides don’t have to worry about a thing.

If you want your wedding morning to run smoothly with wedding professionals taking care of you, you’ve come to the right place! With more than 10 years of experience with brides and bridal parties, we at Ziel Bridal know how to create an experience you will love. When we partner with Earle Brown Heritage Center, your big day is guaranteed to be a success. Visit our website for booking information at www.zielbridal.com.