Wedding magazines and websites are filled with trendy buzzwords like “ombre”, “rustic”, and “Gobo Lights”, but how do you know if this season’s trends will be a good decision for your wedding? Will you look at your bouquet of succulents ten years from now and think “What a beautiful addition!” or “What was I thinking?!?”

Read through this handy guide to determine if the latest wedding trends are right for your big day, or if you should look for something else that better fits your style.

DJ or Live Band?

This can be a tough one. If you don’t have a band in mind, it’s best to go with a DJ. You can always pick additional songs (or even make your own list) with a DJ, but live bands can’t learn a song they don’t know on the spot. If you have your heart set on a band, be sure to see them perform a few times before you decide to hire them – and make sure they aren’t the only band you see! Options are good!

The Ups and Downs of Chevron

You’ve probably received a chevron invitation recently, even if you don’t know what it is. Chevron is a modern zigzag pattern that is very popular right now. If you like the pattern, use it on your invitations, placemats, and signage, but be wary of going too overboard. This season’s hip accent could be next season’s taffeta puffed sleeve.

What is Ombre?

It’s actually really neat. Ombre is when a color gradually fades from dark to light. When it comes to weddings, you almost always see white fade to match the wedding colors. It is a stylish way to brighten up invitations, place cards, cake frosting – even your hair! If you’ve never experimented with ombre colors before, it’s easy to keep this trend subtle. Choose one or two aspects to include it and keep the rest solid.

Photographer, Videographer, or Both?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes you’d rather capture the actual words on film. Hiring both a videographer and a photographer can get spendy. If you have a certain moment you’d like to capture on film (the ceremony, the dinner speeches, etc.) you can likely find one person to do both. Talk to your married friends and family members about their big day decisions to help you make your pick. Check out our list of wedding photography vendors on our contact page.

Just Dessert

The traditional go-to dessert for weddings is cake. Recently, there have been many beautiful alterations to the classic dessert. Metallic colors, ruffled designs, and naked cakes are stealing the spotlight from the flower covered confectionaries of the past.

Nontraditional desserts have popped up recently as well, such as doughnuts, chocolate pops, cupcakes, and ice cream sundaes. When making this decision, think about your guests. Will it be simple for them to access and eat your wedding treat? Will there be a long wait at that dessert bar? It is your day, but you want to wow your guests and make them feel welcome, not forgotten.

Trends come and go. If you find one that speaks to you, go for it! The important thing to remember is that you have a connection of some kind to your choices; don’t make a decision based on what everyone else is doing!

If you’re still deciding on a wedding theme, check out our blog on finding the right theme to fit your personality. And if you need a space to fit nearly any wedding, choose Earle Brown Heritage Center.