So you’ve hit the six-month mark to your matrimonial moment. Friends, family, even numerous lists on the internet are telling you that you should have been making major plans a long time ago, but you’ve let a few things slide. Just how many of these things are detrimental to complete right now? We’ll break it down for you honestly to help relieve some of the stress.

What to Get Completed Right Now:

  • Set your Budget. The entire wedding planning process can’t get off the ground without a well-planned budget.
  • Find a Venue. Wedding venues get booked fast. Waiting lists at the most in-demand locations can be months or even years long, so if you haven’t done this step yet, do it now!
  • Choose the Members of Your Wedding Party. To you, this may not seem tremendously pressing, but for the people you pick, they may want to prepare. Brides and grooms aren’t the only ones who like to look good in wedding pictures, and wedding attire can be expensive; give your wedding party time to set their own budgets and make plans.
  • Pick and Order a Dress. Hopefully, you’ve done at least a little shopping before now, because many shops need at least six months to order a dress. There are always more options to get a dress quickly, but this is another step you want to take care of as soon as possible.

What to Start Working On

Many wedding blogs will tell you that last-minute wedding decisions are the leading cause of an unhappy marriage, but it’s simply not true. Yes, the sooner you get these decisions completed, the more comfortable you will be on your big day, but wedding planning is about the couple, not the traditional routes they feel they must be taking. Remember to make these decisions together – it should be fun, not overly stressful. Don’t want a dozen doves released at the moment you say ‘I do’? Don’t want to walk through a receiving line? Then don’t – it’s your wedding!

With that concept in mind, let’s look at a few things you should finish planning soon:

  • Set a Theme or Color Scheme. Whether simple or elaborate, you’ll need a plan. Talk to your venue to see the amenities they have available and work from there.
  • Set the Menu. At some point, you’ll have to feed your guests.
  • Register for Gifts. Another courtesy for your guests is to give them time to find you an appropriate gift. If you register late, you’ll find that most of your list won’t be covered.
  • Book a Musician. Unless you want to set your iTunes up over a loudspeaker, this is an important step. To find someone you really like, it might take a few different interviews or trips to musical gigs. Give yourself some time.
  • Order Bridesmaids Dresses. Just like the bride, your bridesmaids need time to alter their dresses and get the best fit.
  • Mail Save the Dates. Be sure to do this at least two months before your wedding to give guests enough time to make plans.
  • Hire a Florist and a Photographer. Especially in the wedding season, these vendors get booked quickly, so don’t wait to hire your choices!

There are plenty more steps in planning a wedding, but with options like DIY decor, non-traditional honeymoon vacations, and wedding day hair ideas on Pinterest, much of the rest can wait. The most important thing to remember when you find yourself running behind on your wedding planning is to take a breath. You’re celebrating a life with the person you love; it’s not meant to be so taxing on your sanity!

If you decide to enlist the help of a professional, contact us at (763) 569-6300. We have years of experience creating the perfect wedding day, and no amount of unpredictable weather, last-minute changes, or even procrastination can hinder our impeccable ceremony care!