There are lots of opportunities to add personal touches to your wedding – especially when it comes to DIY projects. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind wedding memento that will last for years to come, a good place to start is with your guest book. The messages and signatures from your guests will be unique, so why shouldn’t the book itself?
We’ve compiled a few fun ideas to make a guest sign-in book that is unique and will be a fun addition to your home as a couple:
  • Amp up the Traditional Book: Instead of just using a paper sign-in book, use a picture book of your engagement or baby photos and invite guests to write messages in the margins or on the pictures themselves.
  • Holiday Decor: collect your current decor objects or purchase new holiday baubles and invite guests to adorn them with sweet messages written in metallic markers. Come each holiday season, you’ll have beautiful decor mementos to remember your special day.
  • Postcards: If you collect postcards, add a few to the mix, or purchase a fun variety of them for the big day. Invite your guests to sign them and write a message, then drop them in the mail. A few days after your nuptials, your mailbox will be filled with well-wishes from your guests!
  • Video Messages: Using an iPad or another electronic device, have your guests record messages for you and your spouse to watch for years to come.
  • Personalized Fun and Games: Use the seat of a swing, a skateboard, a surfboard or Jenga blocks to create a personalized treasure that you and your spouse can use together.
  • Rocks: Collect (or purchase) smooth rocks and have your guests write messages on them. Then add the rocks to a decorative vase to use as a centerpiece in your home.
  • Bucket List: Invite your guests to add to your bucket list as a couple. Suggestions can be places to visit, movies to watch, or date ideas.
  • Time Capsule: Take the simple “wedding advice” idea and invite your guests to give you advice or write notes to the two of you. Then, put the notes in a bottle, box, or some other canister to bury in the yard. You can then open your messages on your first anniversary and revisit your special day.
  • Polaroid Pictures: Instead of a photo booth, have your guests take photos with a Polaroid camera, sign the picture, and add them to a book or display.
  • Fingerprints in Ink: Using ink in your wedding colors, have your guests add their fingerprint and signature to a book or display. If you’re having a fall wedding, the fingerprints would make excellent leaves on a tree!
  • Wooden Initials: Have your guests sign a large decorative letter representing your new last name as a couple.
  • Puzzle: Pick a favorite picture of you and your soon-to-be spouse and make it into a puzzle. (You can do this in many local stores or online.) Use a black and white or partly transparent photo of you and your partner, then invite your guests to sign the pieces.

If none of these ideas seem to fit you as a couple, think about ideas that are special to only you. A pair of skis would work well of you and your significant other are avid skiers, or maybe a hockey stick, guitar, skateboard, surfboard – anything that identifies you two as a couple.

At Earle Brown Heritage Center, we pride ourselves in creating events that are as unique as our guests. If you’d like more information on our wedding options, visit our website.