The most common question a couple is asked – whether they just got engaged or have been married for years – is about the proposal. It says a lot about the couple, knowing where it happened, how much planning when into it, or who asked who.
Depending on the couple, the perfect proposal can be a grand romantic gesture in a room filled with loved ones, or an intimate, comfortable moment only the two of them share. Whichever you prefer, your proposal should say something about the two of you as a couple. We would like to offer a few unique proposal ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Mail Them a Fake Invitation

If you have any design proficiency (or not, it’ll be more of a surprise!) mail your spouse a fake wedding announcement. Free sites like can help you create something that will completely convince them, except for the fact that YOUR names will be on the card! Say something like, “(your name) requests your presence at our wedding. RSVP Yes or No.” Bonus points if you have a pen handy when they open it.

Make Them a Little Mad

Okay, give us a chance to explain ourselves. Some of the most romantic and personal proposal stories come out of playful couples who know their spouses all too well. In the case of one couple, the bride-to-be expected a Christmas proposal and was highly anticipating a ring under the tree. The day came and passed, and to her surprise, she received a DVD, hand towels, and a nice cozy pair of pajama pants for Christmas. After a few hours of contemplation over these underwhelming gifts, she finally got her ring the next morning.

Send your significant other on an impossible errand, insist on the immediate need for a specific household item, or invite them out to one of their least-favorite restaurants. When they arrive, ask them for one final favor – marriage. The idea behind this proposal isn’t to actually make them upset, just to throw them off their game and keep them guessing. Flower petals leading to a candlelit room is great for some, but other couples crave the unique.

A Penguin’s Pebble

It’s been widely circulated in movies and the internet that male penguins search for the perfect pebble to present to their intended mate. Although this isn’t entirely accurate, it sure makes for a great way to propose! Take your intended to the beach, on a hike, or agate hunting on the North Shore. Ask them if they’ve heard about the pebble story. When you “find” the ring among the pebbles, exclaim, “Hey, look at his one! It looks like something you would want to keep.”

Play Trivia Together

Find a local watering hole that hosts bar trivia, or invite some friends over to play. Rig the game to include a question about marriage or a personal question about your future fiance. Get the emcee on board to help with the execution. If playing at home, alter game cards or categories in your favorite game to include the big question. Q: Who’s bound to say yes? A: Your significant other!

Puzzle it Out

Besides trivia, try a few other games. If you and your better half enjoy puzzles, you can order a special puzzle with your own image. Use one image of yourself proposing for the puzzle, and use a generic photo as a “guide”. They’ll be none the wiser. Use scrabble or boggle to spell out, “Will you marry me?” Play a version of clue that includes the fiance, in the dining room, with the ring. This will require a bit of cheating on your part, but your intended will likely forgive you.

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