Kristi Fischer is no stranger to event planning. In her 13 years as the Program Director for Conference Services and Program Planning for the College of Continuing and Professional Studies at the University of Minnesota, she’s been responsible for planning major events for up to 600 people at a time. 

It’s not an easy job, but partnering with the right venue can make all the difference. That’s why Kristi often turns to Earle Brown. 

“With Earle Brown, I feel that their first concern is that my event is a success, not their own gain,” Kristi said. “Having worked on so many programs, that’s what I appreciate.” 

Kristi spends over half her year in the thick of event planning and execution, so she knows a thing or two about what makes venues stand out from the pack. Kristi said Earle Brown achieves that distinction through a genuine interest in both the client and the attendee’s experience. 

“I know firsthand how much work goes on behind the scenes. Event planners are like ducks: Calm and collected above the surface but paddling like crazy underneath!” Kristi laughed. “Earle Brown constantly keeps the event experience in mind and makes that transition from planning to execution seamless. As event planners, we know an event is successful when the attendees say, ‘Wow, that was so fun, it didn’t feel like work at all!’” 

Of course, sometimes even the best of plans need adjusting day-of. Kristi says she particularly values the “agile planning” skills of the Earle Brown team. Whereas other venues may charge fees to adapt to situational challenges during an event, Earle Brown is committed to “finding solutions without a fee.” 

“Great customer service is recognizing an issue, acknowledging it and providing a solution,” Kristi said. “Earle Brown is always full of solutions, and I appreciate that they’re willing to work with me to make adjustments to events and tinker to continually improve.”  

Continual improvement is a built-in part of the Earle Brown experience. Our staff truly listens to clients and implements suggestions to better our operations and services for the future. Kristi recalled a past event where her team noticed cobblestone, which formerly lined the outside of Carriage Hall, caused an echo inside the event space during the transportation of food carts and equipment. 

“I appreciate the relationship I have with them, to be able to say, ‘Hey, this is a bit of a detriment, and I think changing it will help in the long run,’” Kristi said. “I appreciate that we can have that open dialogue.” 

Earle Brown takes pride in our flexible, personalized service, because we know not every event is the same. Currently, Earle Brown is working with Kristi to prepare for the upcoming Annual Institute for Building Officials. Over nine days, up to 2,500 attendees ebb and flow throughout Earle Brown’s event spaces to participate in a myriad of sessions and activities — and all 2,500 of them are looking for an extraordinary experience. 

“These are people doing inspecting work out in the elements — housing inspectors, plumbers, permit technicians. They’re not your average conference-goers,” Kristi said. “They’re looking for a good experience, and that usually means food!”

At other venues, catering may have to be outsourced, resulting in a higher price tag for the client. But Earle Brown’s in-house chefs are dedicated to working with you to create the perfect dining experience for your event. We offer a variety of corporate-specific menus thoughtfully curated to make your event memorable, but we’re also happy to collaborate with you on a customized menu to suit your budget and your tastes. 

“I was so impressed with what Earle Brown could do for the Institute’s food with the budget we had,” Kristi said. “Bruce and Mary were able to create an experience that was fantastic and budget-friendly.” 

Bespoke service no matter your needs — that’s Extraordinary by Design. Ready to experience the Extraordinary for yourself? Reach out to the Earle Brown team today to receive a quote, detailed event information or to view our availability. We can’t wait to create with you.