It can be tough for engaged or newly married couples to keep the spark going. After a few years together, you might start falling into a routine, which, though completely normal, can seem a bit dull. Especially for couples who are about to take the matrimonial plunge, there doesn’t seem to be enough time to devote to one another, let alone think of new, creative date ideas.

At Earle Brown Heritage Center, We’ve listed a few fun and simple date night ideas featured in the Twin Cities area:

  1. Take a Brewery Tour
  2. Take in a Show
  3. Seek Some Thrills
  4. Compete for the Dinner Bill
  5. Outdoor Dates
  6. Have a Date Night at Home
  7. Catch a Sporting Event
  8. Explore the Midtown Market


Take a Brewery Tour

There are a ton of great breweries popping up all around the twin cities. Pick one to visit on your own, or make a day-long date with brewery tour companies like Twin Cities Brewery Tours or the Hoppy Trolley.

Take in a Show

There are tons of options and a variety of shows going on at any given time around the Twin Cities. Dress up for a night out at the Guthrie, the Orpheum, or the State Theater, or choose a more relaxed time at the Chanhassen Dinner Theater, or the Brave New Workshop.

Things to do in MN

Seek Some Thrills

Experiencing new things as a couple will bring you closer to your significant other, but also consider doing something together that you haven’t done since you were a kid, like riding a roller coaster! Hit up a local fair, the Minnesota State Fair, or Valley Fair and get in touch with your inner kid!

Compete for the Dinner Bill

To add a little fun competition to a regular night out, compete for who pays the bill. Make a bet on a sports game, play a game of pool or darts, or visit a gaming center like Dave & Busters or a bowling Alley.

Outdoor Dates

Summer doesn’t last long in our state, so take advantage while you can. Go on a hike together, play a game of frisbee golf, or rent a couple of Nice Ride bikes from nearly anywhere around the city.

frisbee golf

Have a Date Night at Home

Some of the best moments you’ll spend together as a couple aren’t at a fancy restaurant but in the comfort of your own home. Play board games or video games or try cooking something new together. Sushi for two is nice at a restaurant, but creating your own homemade rolls together is much more romantic.

Catch a Sporting Event

Do the two of you have a favorite sport or team? When is the last time you went to a game? It might be time to revisit your die-hard love of the game, or maybe try a new one. If you love the Twins, attend a St. Paul Saints game. If you’re big Wild fans, research local minor league or college level teams. For a fun, new experience together. You just might find your new favorite team!

Explore the Midtown Market

If you haven’t been to the Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis, you’ll want to add it to your list. More than just fantastic global cuisine, this place is teeming with events and shops featuring cultures from all over the globe. Fill your bellies with great food and “satisfy your senses” in one awesome date.

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