A fantastic piece of trade show swag can make all the difference when it comes to setting your brand apart on the event circuit. Trade show giveaways offer brands a great opportunity to connect with potential clients and build a relationship through fun and useful promotional items. Every company knows that getting their branding in front of the customer is key, but choosing the best trade show giveaways is the first step toward making it happen. We’ve compiled a list of our 12 favorite trade show promotional items to help get you started thinking about trade show giveaway ideas for your brand. 

Choosing Trade Show Swag

When choosing your trade show promotional products, it’s important to consider a few key factors. What is your budget, and how many units would you like to obtain for that price? What industry are you in, and what trade show favors might complement your brand and your goals or identity as a company? Who is your target audience for these promos, and how might that inform your choice of giveaway? Brainstorm on these questions with your team, and you’ll soon be on your way to landing on the perfect trade show gift ideas for your next event.

Cheap Trade Show Giveaways  

You don’t have to sacrifice efficacy or caché to save a little cash on your trade show swag. These cheap trade show giveaway ideas are budget-friendly and big wins for your booth. Take a look at some of our favorite inexpensive trade show giveaways, and be prepared for your goodies to be among the most popular trade show giveaways of the year!


Bottle Opener Business Card

Price Range: $

Color Options: Black, White, Blue, Red

Here’s a unique, cheap trade show giveaway your attendees likely haven’t seen before: Bottle opener business cards! These handy cards are sturdy enough to pop the top off your favorite brew but thin enough to slip easily into a wallet or purse. Choose from four available colors and customize them with your brand logo and contact information.

Stylish Stylus Pen

Price Range: $

Color Options: Black, Red, Blue, Green

A relevant departure from the standard trade show pen, this pen-slash-stylus is a twist action ballpoint pen with soft rubber stylus tip for use with all your devices and touch-screen consumer interfaces, like self-checkout consoles, and can be customized with your brand name and logo. Your potential clients will never forget who to thank for giving them a safe, germ-free solution to hands-on tech!

Branded Hand Sanitizer

Price Range: $

Color Options: Fully Customizable Color Label

Mini hand sanitizers will undoubtedly be among the most popular trade show handout ideas for 2020 and beyond, but these days, there’s no such thing as having too much hand sanitizer! These half-ounce bottles of hand sanitizer feature moisturizing beads with aloe and vitamin E and a fresh citrus scent. The front label of the sanitizer bottle can be fully customized with your brand’s logo, imagery and text. Trade show attendees will be glad to have a go-to stash of sanitizer to toss in their pocket or purse for regular re-ups.

Unique Trade Show Giveaways  

Pens and pop-sockets are so 2019. If you want to capture the attention of your trade show audience, you have to think outside the box with trade show promotional giveaways that will surprise and delight them. Consider these awesome trade show gifts for your next event:


Pantone Matched Jacquard Dress Socks

Price Range: $$

Color Options: Fully customizable with Pantone match to your brand’s colors

Who doesn’t love a colorful pair of socks? Custom design these comfortable dress socks to match your brand’s logo and colors thanks to Pantone matching. Wearables are extremely popular trade show promotional items, but custom socks take your brand down the road less traveled toward stand-out success. If you’re looking for unique trade show giveaways, these fun and functional socks are a shoe-in.

Customized Campfire Ceramic Mug

Price Range: $$

Color Options: Red, Black, Cobalt Blue, White, Reflex Blue, Gray, Hunter Green, Lime Green, Orange, Yellow

Camp-style mugs are the trendy drinkware item of 2020, which means choosing them for your trade show promotional giveaways will instantly elevate your brand in the eyes of potential clients. These customizable 15 oz. campfire ceramic mugs are durable, functional and perfectly twee. Add your company’s name, logo and advertising message and listen to the compliments come rolling in!


Heavy Duty Polar Ice Scraper

Price Range: $$

Color Options: Blade comes in Red, Smoke, Teal and Violet, all with White handle.

This one goes out to all the Minnesotans out there! If you live and work in an area that gets ice and snow in the winter, you’ve probably relied on a spare ice scraper in the backseat or trunk of your car to get you through the frigid season. Be the savior of the trade show with these 7”, heavy duty polar ice scrapers which can be customized with your brand’s logo or images. Your audience will never forget that you helped them out in a pinch with this unique trade show promotion!

Most Effective Trade Show Giveaways  

The best trade show giveaways are items that potential clients can use again and again, which prominently feature your branding and serve a daily purpose. The following trade show giveaway ideas hit all the marks, and your investment will pay dividends through attendee engagement and enjoyment.


Cell Phone Power Bank

Price Range: $$

Color Options: Black, Silver, Light Gold, Light Blue, Lime Green, Blue, Purple, Red

Tech tools are especially effective trade show promos. Why? Because they combine your brand with something attendees will always have a reason to have on hand. While these branded cell phone power banks are on the pricey side of trade show handouts, they’re well worth the investment. Attendees will be grateful to your brand for providing them with something practical and useful, but it will also help to keep your brand at the forefront of their minds.

Pantone Matched Blue Light Glasses

Price Range: $$

Color Options: Fully customizable with Pantone match to your brand’s colors.

Wearables consistently rank high among the most effective branded trade show giveaways, but it’s important to set yourself apart from the competition by opting for a stylish, useful wearable that also just happens to be a unique trade show gift. Pantone matched blue light glasses are flattering unisex frames with lenses that help reduce the strain and damage on your eyes caused by blue light produced through screens. They’ll help you stand out from the more commonplace sunglasses and wristbands, and attendees will love having a wearable they can reach for at their desk during those long work-from-home days in front of the computer.

Custom Cooler Lunch Bags

Price Range: $$

Color Options: Black, Red, Navy Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Pink, Orange

Finding cool trade show giveaways is easy with these custom cooler lunch bags! These lunch totes are large enough to fit a 6-pack of your favorite beverage and features a main zippered compartment with an insulation lining. Choose from a variety of colors and customize with your brand’s logo. Your audience will appreciate having a take-home item that will come in handy for work and school lunches, travel, sporting events and more.

Best Trade Show Giveaways: 2020 And Beyond

Our trade show swag ideas for 2020 are necessarily packed with suggestions of health-, wellness- and safety-related items. Not only do these items offer an inventive way to get your brand out there, they are inherently and immediately useful! Consider these trade show giveaways for your events in 2020 and beyond:



Price Range: $$

Color Options: White, Branded White, Custom Colors Available

TouchTool is designed to keep your hands from touching common public surfaces to reduce the transmission of germs, making it an especially helpful item to have on hand during a trade show! These touch-free, keyring-friendly little tools can act as door openers and button pushers, and can be branded with your company’s logo and colors for an additional fee.

Branded 2 Ply Sublimated Polyester Face Mask

Price Range: $$

Color Options: Custom mask front with White lining.

When it comes to the best trade show giveaways of 2020 and beyond, face masks will undoubtedly be the ubiquitous choice. But it’s not enough to merely offer a run-of-the-mil mask. Investing in branded face masks will turn every attendee who encounters your brand into a walking billboard! These face masks offer a comfortable design with a fully sublimated exterior featuring your branding and design.

Spray & Wipe Cleaning Cloth & Spray

Price Range: $$

Color Options: Grey, Blue

2020 has turned us all into people who get excited about cleaning products! But all jokes aside, our laptops, tablets and smartphones are among the items we touch and interact with most from day-to-day, yet disinfecting them often slips our minds. These all-in-one screen cleaning spray and microfiber cloths are portable, refillable and easy to use. Customize this product for an additional fee with your company logo, personalized message, or graphics.

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