Earle Brown is a popular venue for weddings and we have witnessed countless people pledge forever within our halls. With all this experience, we have heard the absolute best wedding vows! Here are some tips for writing wedding vows that will wow your guests and most importantly, your spouse.


Discuss With Partner First

While you might want the actual vows to be a surprise for the big day, some things about what you are going to say should be decided on ahead of time. Sit down with your soon-to-be spouse and decide together on what tone and length you are going for. Now is the time to share any expectations you have for the vows. Do you expect they will be so romantic that you will cry? Do you expect to make everyone in the congregation laugh? Do you expect them to be full of different promises? Clearing this beforehand will ensure both of you set off to write your vows in a way that will be memorable and not disappointing.



The best thing to do first when writing your vows is simply brainstorm on a blank sheet of paper. Write down words, phrases, or promises you know you want to include. Jot down attributes you love in your partner. Record favorite memories the two of you have created and hopes you have for your future together. Now that you have some of these thoughts on paper, you can start to sort through what you feel is important to include!


Read Inspiration

The best vows are not created from thin air. If it is worded well then it has likely been worded before. Look up wedding vows others have used and get inspired! These easy wedding vows are simple to relate to and straightforward. These are romantic and touching. There are really endless possibilities! 


Make It Personal

The best wedding vows are ones only you could have written. These are the ones that will speak to the heart because they are unique to your love and your relationship. Using your list of brainstormed ideas as a jumping point, sort them into an order that makes sense to you and make them as succinct as you can. Avoid cliches. With each promise, back it up with a personal example or short, related memory. The personal and specific aspects of your vows are what will really speak to your partner.


With these tips for writing wedding vows, you can’t go wrong. We want to hear what you come up with! Consider Earle Brown as the perfect wedding venue for your big day!