Whether you are running a conference, trade show, or some sort of celebration, planning an event that spans multiple days can be daunting. Fortunately, Earle Brown has the perfect venue covered! Now on to the logistics.


Cohesive Flow

In order for guests to gain the most enjoyment and information from your event, you need to have flow. Some have a motto or over-arching theme they work within to make sure each day feels related to the next. It is important the days do not become repetitive, so change up the schedule or activities each day while still within your theme or design. At the end of your event, you want attendees to feel each aspect happened in a succession that made sense.


Build a Team

Planning a multi-day event requires a team, not just one or two organizers. Four to seven members should form a team to execute the event, each bringing different skill sets from networking professionals to budgeting finances. The venue’s event planner should also be part of this team; Earle Brown’s staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful in this regard. Open the lines of communication often between team members and any professionals hired for the event.


Take Advantage of the Venue

Having a venue that is luxurious, comfortable, and welcoming is especially important when booking multi-day events. Guests will be more likely to notice the charming water fountain and landscaped grounds outside Earle Brown’s venue if they are there for two or three days in a row. It will greatly impact their mood when they re-enter the light-filled halls of our historic and charming venue, ready to take on another day! Choosing a venue that has a great aesthetic (and great food!) is all the more important in a multi-day event.


Hit Your Timeline

One of the hardest parts about planning a multi-day event is making sure everything goes on schedule. It is best to start planning as early as possible, at least 3-6 months before the event. Get as many things booked right in the beginning as well as backup plans in case things go wrong! Consider logistics like parking, hotel arrangements, emergency services, and more. Write out a storyboard timeline of how you want the event schedule to look and refer to it frequently as plans and options change. Here is a great resource for the ultimate event planning checklist that may help!


Beware of Burnout

A danger of multi-day events is that attendees can get bored or burnt out. Be sure to plan varied activities, especially ones that get people up and about from time to time. Schedule free time for guests to mingle and a little extra time after meals for rest. It is wise to sample a few attendees beforehand to see what expectations they have for the schedule fullness as well.

With these tips for planning a multi-day event, you will steer clear of many common complaints and execute your event with success! Trust Earle Brown to take care of you and your multi-day event attendees with attention to detail and the desire to impress. Contact us to book a tour of our venue today.