In Minnesota, fall is the most popular time to tie the knot. The cooling temps and colored leaves offer a backdrop that can’t be matched any other time of year. As trends go, many fall themes stay about the same, but as we all know, the hottest trends vary from season to season. In this post, we merge classic fall ideas with the latest wedding trends.


Getting married in the fall gives you the opportunity to pick and arrange your own bouquets of blooms. According to, wild-looking blooms have been popular as of late, incorporating leafy greens, berries, and vines. Try experimenting with succulents and bigger blooms. Dahlias – especially darker shades of purples and reds – match well during this season.


Fall weddings are typically filled with warm shades of chocolate brown, burgundy, purple, and deep reds. These colors reflect the changing of the season – the main reason many couples choose this time of year to wed. The trendiest colors for this season are burgundy and plum complimented with pastel and neutral colors. Accent with hints of copper to really make this color scheme pop.


Remember those elaborately decorated “stairway to heaven” cakes that were so popular in the 90’s? Adorned with multiple layers, cascading flowers, and plastic miniatures of the bridal party, these cakes have long gone out of style. Nowadays, a simpler variety reigns supreme. Naked cakes have been a trend for some time, and it’s one that matches perfectly with fall weddings. Top them with simple flowers or a group of berries – skip the globs of frosting and fondant.


For the bride, fall is a great time to add delicate layers and lace sleeves. Skip the shorter dresses and go for a long, romantic gown. If sleeves aren’t your thing, choose a simple cashmere sweater, as layering works well with the cooler temps. Two-piece dresses are still a big hit that will work well with layered looks. The men in the bridal party will look sharp in heavier fall textures like tweed, wool, or even cashmere. Play up shades of grey and navy with brown shoes and belts rather than traditional black. Mix these with a patterned shirt to really master the look. Guests will look great in darker, jewel-toned shades and muted floral prints.

Fall is one of the best seasons to get married. The changing of the seasons act as a perfect metaphor for the life two people are beginning together.

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