Save-the-dates are an important wedding planning step that can do more than just inform your guests about the time, date, and location of your wedding — it can excite them about your upcoming event and set their expectations for the style and tone. Ready to capture the essence of your wedding in photos? Explore some of our favorite save-the-date photo ideas to get started!

Our latest blog details pose ideas, location ideas, and other creative ideas for your save-the-date photos. Check them out now!

Why Should You Send Out Save The Dates?

It’s important to send out save-the-dates before sending out an official invitation for several reasons, not all of them related to the actual date of your wedding! Here are some reasons to send save-the-dates:

  • To Ensure Guests Can Attend Your Wedding: Sending out a save-the-date 6 to 9 months before your wedding allows guests to block out that date well in advance. 
  • To Help You Have a More Accurate Guest List: As soon as save-the-dates go out, invitees will start to let you know if they will not be able to attend your wedding. This helps you to have a more accurate count of guests to provide your vendors moving forward.
  • To Set Guest Expectations: Your save-the-date card or email can be a sneak peek at the theme or style of your event, which helps your guests manage their expectations. If you’re having a formal, black- or white-tie event, consider noting that on your save-the-date. Likewise, if your event will be more casual, you could indicate that with a design or save-the-date photo that echoes your event’s style.

Save The Date Pose Ideas

As with any photoshoot, you’ll want to work with your photographer to capture a variety of different poses for your save-the-date photos. You may choose to work with the photographer who took your engagement photos, use your engagement photos as save-the-date photos, or work with the photographer you plan to use on your wedding day. 

Most professional photographers are skilled at posing couples in ways that look and feel natural, but here are a few traditional save-the-date picture ideas to get you started: 

a same-sex couple posing nose to nose


Photographers who specialize in photographing couples love to instruct their subjects to pose nose-to-nose or forehead-to-forehead. Why? Because it’s an intimate pose that often elicits a reaction from the couple, be it a tender moment or lots of laughs. If it feels silly to you, that’s okay! Your laughter might make for the perfect save-the-date photo in the end. 

Holding Hands

Holding hands is a great starter pose, especially for couples who may be camera-shy. The couple can simply walk in and around their photoshoot location while the photographer shoots, pausing occasionally to look at one another, do a twirl, or add other personal flairs. 

Back-to-Front Embrace

This pose is a simple way for you to stay close while also keeping your faces in view of the camera. The shorter partner should sit or stand with their back against the other’s chest. If you and your partner are about the same height, you can fake a height variation by using elements in your photoshoot location, like having one partner stand on a higher step of a staircase or sit on a taller boulder. 

Wedding engagement photo focused on the ring

Ring Shot

As soon as you’re engaged, folks will be clamoring to see the ring, so why not give them what they want via your save-the-date? Ring shots are easy to capture during other poses, but you can also ask your photographer to take some dedicated shots of the ring while you’re holding hands or otherwise embracing. 


Some of the best save-the-date photo poses aren’t poses at all! Candid moments captured between poses or during unexpected moments in your photoshoot can make for incredible photos that let your personality as a couple shine through. If you’re working with a photographer whose style leans toward traditionally posed shots, ask them to set aside some time to take some candids. You may be surprised with some of your favorite photos of the shoot!

Save The Date Location Ideas

Some couples choose to have their save-the-date photo shoot in a location that is relevant to their wedding day, such as the ceremony or reception venue, while some choose a location that is significant to them in other ways, like the place they had their first date or in their home. Others choose a location that connects back to the theme or style of their wedding — think a beach save the date photoshoot for a destination wedding or a forest save the date photoshoot for an outdoorsy couple. If you’re still looking for a save-the-date location that speaks to you, here are some of our favorite ideas:

a couple in front of the Eiffel tower in Paris

Visit Your Favorite Vacation Spot

If you and your sweetheart love to travel, consider scheduling a photoshoot in your favorite vacation spot! Beaches, forests and campgrounds, theme parks and even roadside attractions can be beautiful and quirky locations for your save-the-date photoshoot. Road-trippers could even consider renting a classic car to use in the shoot!

Go On a Date

Let your photographer capture you enjoying each other’s company in a fun setting to get some super cute date pictures! Whether you choose the restaurant that hosted your first date, the brewery you hang at on the weekends, or a totally new adventure like visiting a carnival or going rock climbing, your date night pictures are sure to make authentic and memorable save-the-dates.

Explore Your Venue

Some wedding venues will allow photographers to use their space for photoshoots. Check with your ceremony or reception venue and, if their policy allows it, consider having your save-the-date photos taken there! This is another great way to give guests a glimpse into your upcoming wedding day and help them to visualize the event. Plus, you’ll get used to being photographed in the space, which will make you that much more comfortable on your big day.

Couple holding each other in front of scenic overlook

The Great Outdoors

The sky is truly the limit when it comes to outdoor save-the-date pictures! Even if you’re not an outdoorsy couple by nature (pun intended,) you can still take full advantage of stunning views and beautiful scenery for your photos. Many photographers have favorite sites they like to shoot in, like nearby National Parks or nature preserves, though you can still find your own locations by browsing other local couples’ engagement or save-the-date photos online. 

Some outstanding outdoor locations to consider include flower farms or fields, zoos, gardens or conservatories, art parks, Christmas tree farms, large fountains and waterfalls, plus the classics: Beaches, deserts, forests and mountains.

Around Town

Whether you live in a small town or a big city, you can hit the streets to take your save-the-date photos! Head out on the town with your photographer to capture shots at memorable locations like local landmarks, interesting or historic architecture, or outdoor areas like gardens and parks. This option is especially great for couples having a hometown wedding, as it introduces out-of-town guests to the look and feel of your town before they arrive.

Personal & Creative Save The Date Photo Ideas

Save-the-date photos can offer couples the chance to show some personality by getting fun and creative during their shoot. From props to pups, here are some of our favorite personal save-the-date photo ideas:

gay couple wearing striped shirts and holding hands

Themed Outfits

For couples with lots of personalities and big, bold interests, consider having a themed save-the-date photoshoot that includes on-theme outfits! A couple with vintage vibes and a love of tiki drinks might choose matching Hawaiian shirts or 50s-inspired outfits, while a couple that loves all things spooky might choose to channel Gomez and Morticia. Your photos will be anything but traditional — which makes this idea perfect for the nonconformist couple! 

Save the Date Sign

One popular option is to incorporate save-the-date signs into your photoshoot. These can vary from chalkboard signs to number balloons to your wedding date spelled out in your favorite snack; the only mandatory element is the date of your wedding! Choose a save the date sign that works with the overall design or theme of your save the date cards and be sure to include it in multiple poses. 

Feature Your Furry Family Members

Your partner is your family, and so are your beloved pets! Your guests will love seeing your dog, cat, or other pet on your save-the-dates, and you’ll love having them captured forever in photos. Consider incorporating some unique poses, too, like Fido’s paw over your hands as you show off the ring. You can make these photos as funny or as heartfelt as you like — just be sure your pet is friendly with strangers and able to “Sit” and “Stay” long enough for photos! 

Happy smiling couple in love dancing and flirting

Toast to Your Big Day

Cheers to the happy couple! It’s time to pop some bottles in honor of your upcoming wedding. Incorporate a few bottles of Champagne into your save-the-date photos to really make a splash. Your photographer will capture candids as you pop open a bottle to share. What’s the secret to getting that big burst of bubbles? Shaking the bottle beforehand! Yes, this photo idea can get a little messy, but that’s what makes it so much fun!

Happy smiling couple in love dancing and flirting

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