Fall is a very popular time to get married, and The Earle Brown Heritage Center is proud to host weddings and celebrations of all kinds at our unique venue.

Tami and Kate married at The Earle Brown Heritage Center on October 1st. In celebration of their anniversary, we sat down with Tami and Kate to discuss their relationship and asked what led them to chose Earle Brown for their special day.

“Technically we met online,” says Kate.

Once the couple started dating, they realized they had some mutual friends – It’s a wonder they didn’t find one another sooner! The two are also both big hockey fans and they spent their first date at the Xcel Energy Center to watch the Wild play.

The Proposal

Planning a wedding takes quite a bit of forethought – especially the proposal. It’s something couples will remember and tell their friends and family about for years to come. In this case, Kate was the one to ask Tami, and she did a pretty great job.

The couple was enjoying a night out at Benihana with a group of friends. Unbeknownst to Tami, Kate had the ring in her purse, which she purposely “left” in the car. The entire group walked in together as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

After getting seated, Kate and a friend made a covert trip out to the car. Kate had “left her phone in the car” and her friend had to “grab her purse”. Kate handed some additional props to her friend and enlisted the help of their waiter. The plan was set in motion.

After dessert, the waiter brought out a bottle of wine – only instead of wine, there were pictures rolled up inside the bottle. These “messages in a bottle” told the couple’s story. At one point, Tami and Kate talked about who would get whose name when they got married and decided that they each wanted to keep their own. The last sheet of paper that Tami opened read, “Will you marry me. I like your name, can I have it?”

How Did You Hear About Earle Brown?

Even before choosing a venue, Kate and Tami knew they wanted a rustic country theme for their wedding. Kate comes from a farming background and Tami has always been a country girl, so the theme fit the couple perfectly.

Tami & Kate

At first, they searched different types of venues to find a location that matched their style but didn’t have much luck. Then, a friend from Kate’s softball league suggested The Earle Brown Heritage Center. Tami and Kate also know Dave Harrison, the executive chef at Earle Brown.

Earle Brown ended up being a perfect match.

What Made You Choose Earle Brown?

What they loved most about The Earle Brown Heritage Center is the landscaping and the variety of beautiful photo options. “It is just a beautiful backdrop for any type of setting,” says Kate. The couple took full advantage of the outdoors and recited their vows next to the fountain outside the Heritage Center.

wedding Fountain

Another bonus Tami and Kate appreciated was that Earle Brown assisted with wedding their planning. “It was a huge help. We had no idea what we were doing!” said Tami.

“[The wedding planner] was constantly in contact with us by email or phone. If she had a question on a color or cake or anything, she just shot us an email. She was really awesome to work with.”

As Tami and Kate prepare to celebrate their second anniversary, at The Earle Brown Heritage Center wish them many more years to come!