When you are deciding on a wedding location, there are a lot of things to think about. The size, atmosphere, and date of your wedding can all be dependant on its location. Read the guide below to help make your decision.

How Many Guests are You Inviting?

Knowing how many guests you will be expecting to attend is a big help (even requirement) when picking a venue. At Earle Brown, we have available space for the smallest and most intimate weddings to lavish receptions of up to 1,000 guests. While you may not have sent out your RSVPs yet, get a good idea in your mind and leave some wiggle room for people who may forget to respond ahead of time; some venues add extra charges for guests that were not taken into account.

Pro tip: When it gets closer to your day, contact the guests who did not RSVP to get a more accurate headcount.

Where Would You Like the Venue to be Located?

The location of the venue plays hand in hand with the wedding date. The time of year and day of the week can both play vital roles in your selection of venue location. Looking for an outdoor ceremony? Make sure your guests are fans of Minnesota in January. Want to get married at dusk? Think about rush hour driving and traffic conditions in the area. Want to get married on a Friday? People traveling from far away might have a hard time getting ready and arriving at your venue in the afternoon. Remember that some of your guests might need to spend the night in a nearby hotel to attend your wedding.

Pro Tip: Include parking options and directions to the venue in your wedding invitation.

How Much is Your Budget?

It is important to do some homework prior to shopping for a venue. What are the going rates in the area? How much can you afford? You’ll need a realistic grasp on your budget before you sign a contract with a venue. Stick to your price range; don’t fall in love with a place you can’t afford.

Pro tip: Outdoor landscapes (like the courtyard at Earle Brown) will save you on flowers and decor and make for some beautiful pictures.

When is the Wedding?

Venues fill up quickly. Some venues are booked 12-18 months ahead of time. Once you set a date, keep it in mind while you are looking for a location. If a venue is not available for your date, move on to another venue or be prepared to move your date. You can contact us online to check your wedding date’s availability.

How do You Visualize the Style and Atmosphere?

There are plenty of style factors that will help narrow down your wedding venue search. For instance, are you hosting a formal wedding? Do you envision it taking place during the day or at night? Indoors or outdoors? Think about these options while you shop around. The perfect wedding venue will not only accommodate your vision, but will add to it.

Pro tip: When you are previewing a venue, bring a notepad along to take notes. Take pictures of the elements that you liked (or disliked) about the venue. It can be hard to remember every detail after you’ve left.

What are Your Food and Beverage Options?

Another potentially deal-breaking factor is the food and beverage options available at a venue. Are they included in a package, or can you hire your own caterer and bartender? Can you bring in your own alcohol, or purchase them from the venue? We have a variety of food options available on our menu – Learn more on our website.

Pro tip: When possible, visit another party or wedding before your own to preview the ways in which the food and beverages are set up.

How Adaptable is the Space?

Are you looking for a venue to host the ceremony and the reception? You will need space not only to fit your guests but to accommodate the entire day. Flowing from space to space during the ceremony, social hour, dinner, and dancing can be difficult and awkward if not properly planned. You will also need space for dancing, gifts, a bar, a band, and more. At Earle Brown, we can help you save on transportation from one site to the next and multiple location fees by hosting your ceremony and reception in one convenient (and beautiful) location.

Choosing a location can seem like a huge decision – and it is – but it’s not as stressful as you may think. Discover the venue options that are most important to you before you start hunting. Make an appointment to visit Earle Brown Heritage Center. We are confident that we’ll have all that you are looking for and more.