As with all emergency kits, you hope you’ll never have to use it, but sometimes, hiccups happen.

It’s especially important to be prepared on one of the biggest days of your life – your wedding. And that’s why the idea of a wedding day emergency kit has gained so much steam over the years.

Here are a few of the essentials you should pack in your own wedding day emergency kit:

  1. A sewing kit. Don’t go without a needle, thread, scissors and safety pins. You can buy a kit for as little as $4.
  2. Hairspray. Bring your favorite.
  3. Blister protection and treatment. Bandaids, as well as an anti-blister balm like Body Glide, will go a long way.
  4. Lip balm, lipstick, and straws. For reapplication, and for staying hydrated without fear of smudging!
  5. Tide to Go. For those unimaginable stains. For spots or stains on wedding dresses, try masking with white chalk.
  6. Tissues. For those happy tears!
  7. Oil absorbing sheets or powder. Keep the shine away with a dependable face powder – stick with something you already use or pick up some oil absorbing sheets to lift the shine away while keeping your look fresh.
  8. Double-sided tape. For those last-minute alterations.
  9. Nail polish. Grab a bottle of clear polish and one of the shade you’re wearing. The clear polish will stop stocking runs in their tracks, and the shade you’re wearing will come in clutch for touch-ups.
  10. A first aid kit. Better to be safe than sorry! Include basic pain relievers like ibuprofen – just in case a stress headache pops up.
  11. Granola bars. With all the commotion, grabbing real food may not be your first priority. Keep up your energy with a few grab-and-go snacks.
  12. Mints. A natural next step after your emergency granola bar.
  13. Deodorant and baby powder. To keep fresh!
  14. Sunscreen. If the wedding party has any outdoor photo plans, and especially if you’re particularly prone to sunburn, don’t forget to protect your skin.
  15. Bobby pins. For unpredictable hair woes!

Your wedding is a big day, no doubt, but you’ll rest (a little) easier when you feel prepared. Rips, stains, and smells are no match for this emergency kit!

Another way to feel at ease? When you know you’ve selected the right wedding venue.

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