Who doesn’t dream of having a picturesque prom they will remember for a lifetime? If you are on the committee in charge of planning prom, consider the three main factors that can drastically affect how much fun attendees have at prom. When you take the time to pick the perfect theme, hire the best entertainment, and serve delicious food, no one will leave disappointed.


There are loads of creative theme ideas for prom, but what makes this factor one of the three is that your theme makes prom memorable. It is the aspect of the party everyone has in common and reminisces about as they get older. Picking a strong theme also garners more excitement for the event to sell more tickets! Once you have your theme choice narrowed down to three or four, send out a survey to let the student body vote so everyone feels invested. Be sure to choose a theme with an easy-to-use hashtag so that attendees can share photos across all social media platforms for a virtual scrapbook.

Band or DJ

The choice of entertainment your prom team hires can make or break the dance. Conduct interviews or maybe even auditions to know what you are getting into. Once you find the perfect fit, book it! This is an area where it is worth it to spend a little more money to get the best. A great DJ or band will ensure everyone has a good time on the dance floor!


Food can get expensive, but not serving food at prom will undoubtedly result in an early end. If you want guests to enjoy the sights and sounds into the night, you have to engage all their senses. Feed them great food! To save costs, consider serving lots of hors d’oeuvres instead of a full meal. Choose familiar favorite foods instead of adventurous choices so nobody turns up their nose.

Once you have these three aspects of the prom covered, the rest is just details. We have the most important detail covered for you: venue. Earle Brown has an amazing space to host the perfect prom and will help you every step of the way towards pulling it off! Your theme will come alive, the music will sound great, and your guests will all have a picturesque prom in a space like Earle Brown’s Garden City Ballroom or Carriage Hall.