Your big day is on the horizon and you have been on the hunt for sustainable wedding ideas that you can implement, without sacrificing your vision. Does this sound familiar? If so, you have come to the right place. Our team has put together a list of 14 sustainable ways that you can execute the wedding of your dreams while keeping sustainable practices in place.

We know that planning a wedding takes a considerable amount of work. Factoring in personal preferences, dates, decor, and finding a venue is all difficult enough, and that’s without even touching on the topic of sustainability. Below, we have put together 14 sustainable wedding ideas that will help you create a beautiful and environmentally friendly wedding that you will never forget.


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Read on to learn more about how factoring in each of these sustainable practices can provide an ethical experience that everyone will love.

Choose Ethically Created Rings

Selecting wedding rings made from ethically sourced or recycled materials is a great way to kick-start your sustainable wedding mission. We recommend looking for jewelers who offer conflict-free diamonds and fair-trade gold, which helps put these unethical practices out of business. Don’t be afraid to ask jewelers for further information regarding their sustainability practices, as this can help you feel even more confident in your selection. As an added bonus, your beautiful symbols of commitment will forever remind you of your contribution to positive change.

Consider A Family Heirloom Ring

The benefits of using a family heirloom ring speak for themselves, between the sentimental value and the saved money. In addition to that, you are sparing the environment from the harm that comes along with harvesting new materials. 

Sourcing diamonds and gold ultimately harms the environment whereas an heirloom ring requires zero added impact. Plus, a ring that has been passed down carries the history and love of past generations, making your wedding even more special. If it’s not yet your dream ring, consider refurbishing or altering the ring to suit your style while still preserving the history and integrity of the piece.

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Choose An Eco-Friendly Venue

Your venue is arguably one of the biggest decisions you will make throughout the wedding planning process. Selecting an eco-friendly venue is a non-negotiable when it comes to planning a truly sustainable wedding. Be on the lookout for venues that focus on energy efficiency and use sustainable materials. When you think you have found one, be sure to ask questions to ensure that their practices are up to your standards. Examples of questions you might ask include “What does your waste management process look like?” or “What materials do you use for wedding decor?” 

At The Heritage Center of Brooklyn Center, we are passionate about using a range of eco-friendly practices, including green seal certified cleaners, recycled paper products, and so much more.

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Send Digital Invitations

We’re living in an age where everything has become digital, and wedding invites are no exception. Choosing to use digital invitations is the perfect way to reduce paper waste and the environmental impact of your wedding. Digital doesn’t mean boring either—these invites can be beautifully designed and personalized. Plus, they are more cost-effective and easier to track, so that no guest is left behind.

Offer A Shuttle Service

If you are able to make space in the budget, providing a shuttle service for your guests makes a huge impact when it comes to travel-related carbon emissions. Organizing group transportation minimizes the number of vehicles needed—plus it ensures that everyone arrives on time. 

Coordinating a shuttle service is a pretty simple process, too. Reach out to local companies and decide on a single location for guests to meet at. Drop-off can take place at the same location, making it easy and stress-free for everyone involved.

Book A Venue With A Hotel Connected

One of the easiest ways to reduce the travel footprint for your wedding is by booking a venue with an attached or nearby hotel. This effectively reduces the need for any additional travel, reducing carbon emissions. It’s convenient for your guests, too, which makes it easier for them to enjoy the celebration without worrying about the length of the wedding or transportation logistics.

The Heritage Center of Brooklyn Center is connected to the Embassy Suites by Hilton Minneapolis North.

Select Used, Upcycled, Or Rented Wedding Decor

Think sustainable wedding decorations do not exist? Think again! Using pre-owned, upcycled, or rented decor is a fantastic way to reduce waste and add unique charm to your wedding. No matter what wedding theme you are going with, there are items that will fit your style. From vintage table settings to repurposed centerpieces, these choices can fit your vision while promoting sustainability. Booking your wedding at The Heritage Center of Brooklyn Center? Ask about our rental décor!

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Choose Reusable Items Over Disposable

Opting for reusable items like cloth napkins, glassware, and ceramic plates instead of disposable ones can have a massive environmental impact. Reach out to local rental services as they often provide elegant, luxurious options that are sustainable too. 

If you aren’t interested in renting items, consider purchasing dishes and glassware that you could use at home or for hosting at a later date. This way, the items are being repurposed rather than tossed in the trash.

Shop Local For Flowers And Attire

Supporting local vendors for your flowers and attire reduces the emissions that come from the transportation of these items and helps support the local economy, too. We recommend choosing seasonal flowers from nearby farms and working with local designers for your wedding attire to make sure that your celebration is both beautiful and environmentally conscious.

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Incorporate Potted Plants In Decor To Be Reused

Potted plants are an underrated and stunning addition to your wedding decor and can easily be reused or gifted to guests after the event. They add a touch of greenery and serve as long-lasting mementos of your special day. If you have a dedicated wedding planner, recruit their assistance for any logistics that come with plants, like transportation and design.

Host A Daytime Wedding To Save Energy

Although a daytime wedding is an alternative wedding celebration, it allows you to take advantage of the sun’s natural light, reducing the need for artificial lighting and saving energy. Choose a venue that is well-suited for daytime events, like one that has large windows to allow light. You can also opt for an outdoor venue or one with a dedicated outdoor space. 

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Throw Natural And Biodegradable Confetti

During the recessional, throwing confetti is a common way for guests to celebrate and share in the excitement of the nuptials. Unfortunately, this is littering on a large scale. In fact, many venues no longer allow confetti due to its harmful nature. Sourcing your own natural and biodegradable confetti is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional options. You can use materials like dried flower petals, leaves, or even rice—all of which are just as festive and celebratory.


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Have Your Eco-Friendly Wedding At The Heritage Center Of Brooklyn Center

This much is true: your upcoming wedding day is sure to be the best day of your life. Implementing the eco-friendly wedding ideas above will have you feeling even better about the celebration, too. The Heritage Center of Brooklyn Center offers the perfect venue to host your eco-conscious wedding, with our commitment to sustainability and providing you with the experience of a lifetime.

Are you ready to get started on planning your earth-friendly wedding? Learn more about our sustainable wedding services and book your date at the Heritage Center of Brooklyn Center today.