As always, the new year brings trendy new wedding color combinations into the spotlight. While 2021’s weddings may look a bit different than in years past due to social distancing requirements and gathering limits, some things never change—including the fun and excitement of choosing your wedding colors! 

Since 2020 was a unique year, to say the least, it follows that the resulting 2021 trends will be equally as out-of-the-box. Our prediction? We’ll see many couples throwing caution and moderation to the wind, opting for bold combinations and quirky themes. 

Here are our top five favorite color combinations and palettes for 2021 weddings:


Whimsical Blush & Blue

Straight out of a Wes Anderson film, this color combination is perfect for the offbeat couple who still wants a touch of romance to their day. Incorporate blush and dusty blue in twee details like tasselled table cards and retro hotel key tag favors. Either color would work nicely for bridesmaids’ gowns, and groomsmen in blue suits can’t be beat! Add a food truck around cocktail hour and a photo booth with paper props, and you’re well on your way to whimsy!

Subtle Sage & Light Terracotta

A dream palette for boho brides and laid-back couples, sage and light terra cotta add a vacation vibe to everything they touch. Choose a more muted sage tone for a beachy feel, or bring out its natural verdant hue with florals in a similar shade range. This color combination would suit a barefoot elopement on the East Coast just as well as a woodsy autumn wedding—the possibilities are endless!


Champagne & Shades of Gray

Want a color palette that says “elegant” without saying “boring”? How about adding some bubbly to your bridal Pinterest board? Champagne and grey are an unexpected but undeniably stunning match, especially for a more formal affair. Introduce subtle champagne into your details with shimmering lights, pale gold accessories and champagne paper selections. Then select the greys of your choice—pale marble, stormy steel, moody shadow—to influence your fashion, decor and more.

Dramatic Burgundy & Rose Brown

Pantone’s Rose Brown had a moment back in 2015, but we think it’s time to introduce the warm, cinnamon-adjacent shade to the 2020s! Burgundy is a not-so-far-removed cousin of Rose Brown, so pairing them together makes a statement: You’re not afraid of nuance—in fact, it can be a bold choice! The “more is more” approach wins out here with bridesmaids’ dresses in scene-stealing burgundy and hints of rose brown woven throughout the decor, florals and even the cake! The best part? This color palette can be dressed up for black-tie weddings or down for rustic-chic barn weddings, making it a truly versatile, flexible choice for 2021 couples.

Classic Black & White

Basics, boring? Not on our watch! 2021 will see the resurgence of the timeless black and white wedding color scheme, and after the colorful year 2020 was, this return to the classics will feel like a breath of fresh air! This color palette works best when the modernity and luxury is turned all the way up to 11: Think a minimalist hotel rooftop, trendy cocktail bar or opulent ballroom in terms of venues. Don’t be afraid of adding black in nontraditional places, like your cake or even your wedding gown—just remember to balance it out with pops of clean, palate-cleansing white.

Ready to Plan?

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