The most popular wedding flowers tend to be varieties that are in bloom during wedding season, or just the season you’re walking down the aisle! Make your wedding beautiful in any season by exploring the most popular wedding flowers for every time of year.

Discover our top picks for the best wedding flowers by season below!

Best Wedding Flowers for Each Season

Choosing in-season flowers for your wedding helps to ensure your blooms are as bright and fresh as they can be. Furthermore, you can create a seamless and memorable overall look and feel for your big day by coordinating your wedding flowers with the season. From classic wedding flowers to interesting new favorites, you’re sure to find wedding flowers that are both in-season and true to your style in our seasonal guide to wedding flowers!

Types of Wedding Flowers for a Spring Wedding

Spring wedding flowers are typically dainty, romantic, and fresh, with pastel hues and bright greenery. Flowers that are in season at the height of spring are often quite fragrant and voluminous. The most common wedding flowers for spring can also be quite budget-friendly—spring standbys like tulips, detailed below, and other favorites like daffodils, lilacs, and carnations are all lower-cost options for spring brides.

most popular wedding flowers


Peonies are wildly popular wedding bouquet flowers and are in season throughout spring into early summer. Their voluminous, romantic shape and ruffled petals have earned them a spot among the prettiest bouquet flowers, though they also rank among the pricier wedding flower types. Peonies are available in a wide variety of colors, from pure white to blush to baby pink, yellow and red. If you love the look of peonies but are minding your budget, consider mixing them in with other, less expensive spring florals to keep your costs down.

Garden Roses

“Garden rose” is a broad term for roses that are bred to have a denser petal count than a standard rose, resulting in a more romantic and unique look. Garden roses are in season in spring and summer and come in uncountable varieties, each with its own color palette. Florists and brides alike love garden roses for their versatility and virtually endless customization opportunities, so consider asking your floral vendor about their favorite garden roses varieties as a starting point for your big day.

most popular wedding flowers


Dreamy, cloud-like hydrangeas have been one of the most popular bouquet flowers for years, and we can see why: Hydrangeas peak in the spring with a burst of white, blues, and violet shades and soft, alluring petals. This is an enduring and versatile choice from among the top wedding flowers; mix them with roses and subtle greenery for a traditional wedding bouquet, or opt for a voluminous and monochromatic all-hydrangea bouquet for a more editorial look.


One of the most iconic flowers for a spring wedding, the humble tulip fights above its weight class with its unique, architectural silhouette and rainbow of colors. Available in bright shades like yellow, fuchsia, hot pink, and orange in addition to more subdued shades like white, deep reds and purples, and ornamental varieties with striped or marbled petals, the tulip is endlessly versatile and quintessentially spring!

Types of Wedding Flowers for a Summer Wedding

As we transition out of sweet springtime and into the heat of summer, in-season flowers become more vibrant, with colors that reflect the warmth of summer. Wildflowers bloom, sunflowers reach high into the sky, and tropical flowers thrive under the hot sun. Summer couples, you’re in luck: Some of the most popular types of wedding flowers peak in the summer!

most popular wedding flowers


With their long season (spring through early fall) and classic summer wedding vibes, daisies are a versatile and interesting choice for your wedding bouquet. Beyond the traditional yellow and white daisy, there are other varieties: The English daisy, a fuller bloom with color options like red, pink and white; Gerber daisies, with longer petals and a more muted center with bright and bold color options; feverfew daisies, small and dainty, with a wildflower look. If you favor traditional wedding flowers, incorporating daisies can be a great way to pull in a boho element or some vintage, romantic elegance.


Is there anything more summery than a sunflower? These big, bold and beautiful wedding flowers make a statement with their bright yellow or golden petals and wide black centers. Incorporate them into a bouquet with similarly-toned marigolds, garden roses, and dahlias for an elegant look, or play up their boho feel with an explosion of jewel-toned wildflowers and rambling greenery.

most popular wedding flowers

Queen Anne’s Lace

Fittingly named, Queen Anne’s Lace is the queen of romantic wildflowers. Its delicate white petals and lacy appearance make it ideal for adding volume and texture to virtually any style of bridal bouquet, which is why it is one of the most popular wedding bouquet flowers of all time. Mix it in with other in-season summer flowers for a touch of sweetness, add it sparingly to modern arrangements for visual interest, or carry nothing but Queen Anne’s Lace for the ultimate in carefree elegance.


Perhaps the most sought-after summer wedding flower, the orchid is a striking bloom that can elevate any summer bridal bouquet. This tropical flower comes in a range of colors, from stark, elegant white to hot fuchsia, blush pink, understated green, and beyond. As flowers for weddings go, the orchid is easily among the most expensive, but many couples find their undeniable beauty and versatility worth the extra cost.

Types of Wedding Flowers for a Fall Wedding

Autumn brings in an entirely new color story for soon-to-be-wed couples: From burnt orange to deep golds to rich reds and rustic browns, the most popular wedding bouquet flowers for fall reflect the changing colors of the natural world. Whether you’re having a barn wedding complete with pumpkins and hay bales or an upscale and modern bash in the city, there are plenty of in-season blooms to gather for an autumnal arrangement. 

most popular wedding flowers


Fall favorite dahlias are available in nearly every color under the autumn sun and offer a more budget-friendly alternative to pricier blooms like peonies and roses. Their eye-catching petal structure makes them a bridal bouquet stand-out, even when combined with equally striking chrysanthemums or zinnia.


Cosmos, similar in appearance to daisies, boast long, tall stems and a vast variety of colors. For fall weddings in particular, varieties like “Chocolate” (deep burgundy brown), “Purity” (pure white), “Apricot Lemonade” (apricot fading to blush), “Bright Lights” (gold, yellow and scarlet), “Double Click Cranberries” (cranberry) and “Versailles Tetra Red” (burgundy) are especially fitting

most popular wedding flowers


Textural and budget-friendly, chrysanthemums (also called mums) are popular as wedding flowers due to their versatility and variety. Available in many colors, including subtle nudes, bright yellows and soft, romantic pinks, chrysanthemums can also be tinted (using white mums as a base) to achieve out-of-this-world shades like bright blues and purples. Chrysanthemums can be great for the creative couple or DIY bride looking to customize their bouquet to a highly specific color palette or aesthetic.


When we think of fall bouquets, we think marigolds! Marigolds are great for bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, and wedding florals, as their pom-pom-shaped heads offer bright pops of rich oranges, yellows, golds, and maroons. Marigolds pair seamlessly with other vibrant colors and bring in elements of vibrancy and dimension—all for a very affordable price! Consider them for flower crowns, garlands, and hanging floral displays for your fall wedding, too.

Types of Wedding Flowers for a Winter Wedding

If you think winter is devoid of seasonal flowers, think again! Winter florals are among the most unique and statement-making types of flowers for weddings. For weddings that lean into the Christmas vibe, seasonal blooms like poinsettia (detailed below), holly, winterberry, snowberry, and greenery like spruce will get you in the holiday spirit. But you don’t need to be having a Christmas-themed wedding to find winter wedding flowers you love—explore our recommendations below for a stunning selection of seasonal blooms to get you started. 

most popular wedding flowers


Bold in appearance with a delicate feel, classic anemones offer a high-contrast look thanks to their white petals and black center. This variety is striking as the centerpiece of a modern winter wedding, but other colorways like pink, purple and red are just as stunning. Whether gathered with other shades and shapes for a whimsical bouquet or featured as the solo star of a dramatic arrangement surrounded by greenery, you simply can’t go wrong with anemones.


Hellebore can bloom as early as Christmas in some locations, making them especially fitting for winter weddings! They are also quite sturdy flowers that can stand up to a full day of festivities in cold weather. Black, purple, mauve, pink and pure white hellebore are all great choices for your wedding florals; some varieties are also variegated with unique speckles or veining. Hellebore are classic winter wedding flowers that play well with others, so let your creativity roam free!

most popular wedding flowers


Ranunculus can sometimes be mistaken for garden roses, but these layered beauties are stars in their own right. If your wedding will take place between January and May, congratulations: You’ll be walking down the aisle in peak ranunculus season! Ranunculus have delicate, almost crepe-paper-like petals that add visual intrigue and texture to a bouquet. They are especially versatile in terms of color and stage presence, so they can be complemented by bold blooms or incorporated more subtly into an understated arrangement.


We’ll close out our winter wedding favorites with a classic: Poinsettia. If you think these bright red blooms are only for holiday home decor, think again! With large, pointed petals that are hardy enough to survive a full wedding day, poinsettias are the obvious choice for a winter wedding. Less obvious, though, are the white, cream, blush, and yellow poinsettia varieties, which elevate this Christmas classic to a new level of sophistication.

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