Okay, so your bachelor or bachelorette party plans have been upended by the coronavirus pandemic—don’t panic. While it’s disappointing to know that you won’t be able to celebrate the bride or groom in person, there’s no need to despair! At Earle Brown, we’ve seen just about everything when it comes to creative workarounds, and we’re happy to help you envision the perfect social distancing bachelor or bachelorette party.


First things first: Send your virtual invites to your guests and include a link to the event on the video conferencing platform of your choice. While Google Hangouts, Houseparty and FaceTime all have their perks, Zoom has skyrocketed in popularity since social distancing began, due in part to its capabilities for many (up to 100!) participants and its ability to superimpose fun backgrounds behind you as you chat.

Speaking of, you might choose to set the mood in your Zoom call by sending guests an image file to upload as their personalized background. Think a festive bachelorette party setting, a cute balloon arch, or even a funny collage of the bride or groom’s face. The sky’s the limit—and budget-wise, it costs nothing to download a high-res image for personal use!

Now it’s time to plan an agenda for your party. While a bachelor party will likely include different activities or themes than a bachelorette party, they both rely on some simple guidelines. The best social distancing parties will include activities that can be done “together” but at home, which might include components pre-delivered to guests’ homes by the party planner. Here are some quick lists of fun activity ideas for social distancing bachelor parties and bachelorette parties alike:

Social Distancing Bachelor Party Ideas

  • Play some online poker, nosh on some delivery wings, and raise a cocktail to the groom-to-be over some cigars (pre-shipped to guests’ homes.)
  • Throw a Drink Talk Learn party: Have each guest prepare a 3-minute-or-less PowerPoint presentation on a topic they’re passionate about. Then take turns sharing your screens and presenting—no notes, adult beverages highly encouraged. At 3 minutes, the presenter must stop, no matter where they are in their presentation. Hilarity ensues!
  • Send each guest a line-up of craft beers (1 can/beer) in advance, then have a beer flight tasting session.
  • Have the party planner share their screen on Jackbox.tv, a popular online-based party game platform, while everyone joins the game room on their smartphones. Choose from a variety of party packs to find a game that suits the group, like trivia or Pictionary, and let the games begin!
  • Play an RPG online. Have the party planner (or a guest with RPG experience) act as the Dungeon Master for an all-groomsmen game of Dungeons & Dragons! Resources like D&D Beyond and Roll20 make it easy to play a one-shot campaign even while socially distancing.

Social Distancing Bachelorette Party Ideas

  • Brunch from afar: Arrange for a breakfast or brunch food delivery from your favorite local spot for each guest, then toast to the bride with homemade mimosas.
  • Just because you’re socially distanced doesn’t mean your bride can’t open gifts! If your bachelorette party would have included some kind of gift giving pre-social distancing, have your guests send their wrapped gifts to the bride’s home in advance of the party. Then ooh and aah as she opens them via video call!
  • Have a movie night! Throw it back to your slumber party days with cozy pajamas and lots of popcorn. Use the Google Chrome extension Netflix Party to synchronize video play for all guests, or have the party planner share their screen while on Zoom to enjoy the bride’s favorite flicks together!
  • Have a spa night. Send your guests a care package full of spa goodies in advance, or ask them to gather their own. When it’s time for the video call, have everyone dress in their comfiest robes and start their at-home pampering together.
  • Try a DIY Paint & Sip night. Send paintings, brushes and a small canvas to each guest. When everyone joins the video call, have them pour the drink of their choice to start the festivities. Then have the party planner share an image to try to recreate on your canvas, and get to painting! After guests are done painting, show off the finished products and, if you’re feeling competitive, vote on a favorite!
  • Test your knowledge of the bride. Write up a list of questions about the party’s VIP, or find a pre-made one online, and send it in the video call’s group chat to all the guests. As each guest answers, there will undoubtedly be some laughs! Award points for each correct answer and crown a winner at the end—then raise a toast to the bride, the real winner of the day.

Tips For Keeping Guests Engaged, Virtually

While a virtual bachelor or bachelorette party cuts out a lot of the standard stressors of a traditional party—no need to book a venue, transportation or hotel, for example—there are some unique things to consider when planning a social distancing party.

Here are some quick tips to help you keep your guests engaged with the party and excited to participate, even from a distance:

  • If you’re unfamiliar with the video conferencing platform you’ll use for the big day, test it out beforehand to limit the possibility of tech issues in the moment.
  • Make sure all your guests know how to join the video conference call. Include clear, detailed instructions in your invitation email, and be sure to include an audio-only backup option, just in case.
  • Deputize a tech-savvy party planner or guest to be the point of contact for all tech-related questions and issues in advance of the party. Include their phone number or email address in your invitation email.
  • Encourage guests beforehand to use headphones to eliminate audio feedback.
  • If your party requires additional materials, like painting supplies or a flight of beverages, establish early how those items will be paid for and obtained. Will the party planner pay for and ship those materials to guests on their own? Will guests be expected to pitch in? Will guests be required to obtain the materials on their own, or ship a gift to the guest of honor? Make sure you have answers for these questions, and communicate the plan as clearly as possible in your invitation email.
  • Make sure your party has a clearly defined start and end time, as well as a planned schedule.
  • If you’re playing party games, choose games with simple, clear rules that will allow for everyone in attendance to play if they’d like to.
  • If you’re arranging food deliveries for guests, be sure the restaurant you’d like to order from offers home delivery, will be open during the day and time of the party, and has a delivery zone that includes all your guests.
  • End your party with a definitive, concise final hurrah: A round of applause for the winning trivia player, for example, or a toast (or shot) in honor of your VIP guest. Bid everyone farewell, end the call, then sit back and enjoy the utter lack of clean-up necessary!

At Earle Brown, we know that couples and bridal parties are navigating uncertain terrain during this time of crisis, and we want you to know: We’re here for you. Whether you’re reaching out about rescheduling your wedding with us or are looking for helpful blog posts about event postponement, we’ll be glad to help you however we’re able.