If you’re one of the many couples who have gotten engaged during the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be feeling awkward or even guilty about announcing and celebrating your engagement. But this is a major milestone for you and your partner, and you have every right to experience all the joy and excitement that event brings! After all, in a year during which good news has been in short supply, we could all use a reason to celebrate. 

So, yes, you can — and should! — enjoy your post-engagement bliss, even during quarantine. Here are some ideas on how to celebrate your engagement during COVID:


Ways To Celebrate Your Quarantine Engagement


Have a Zoom Engagement Party

Gather your family and friends around their webcams and toast (in your individual homes, of course) to your forthcoming nuptials! A group video chat party makes it easy to feel as though you’re surrounded by your loved ones, even from afar. Make sure everyone has something sparkling to drink, and consider queueing up some virtual party games like those by Jackbox Games, to keep the good times rolling. 


Take Engagement Photos

You don’t have to put your engagement photos on hold because of the pandemic! Many photographers are offering socially-distanced photo shoots to couples celebrating during COVID. You’ll walk away with gorgeous mask-free photos to share with friends and family online and a great experience to memorialize this special time in your life as a couple. And as an added bonus, you’ll be helping to support a small, local business during this difficult time. Now that’s a little luxury you can truly feel good about! 


Plan a Belated Engagement Party

The truth is, we don’t know how long we will need to mask up and remain socially distant. Regardless, there’s no reason not to start planning a belated engagement party for when it is finally safe to gather near! 


Let your loved ones know that you intend to have an IRL celebration after the coronavirus pandemic passes. In the meantime, create a dedicated Pinterest board for your dream post-pandemic engagement party, and start curating ideas for possible venues, themes, decor and more! You’ll feel empowered by actively working toward an in-person celebration, while also eliminating the possibility of putting yourself and others at risk. 


When You’re Ready, We’re Ready

Planning a wedding during a pandemic is undeniably challenging, but Heritage Center’s expert planning team is here to help. We’re ready to address your evolving priorities with our steadfast promise: A promise to continue providing a safe environment for anyone who is hosting an event at our venue, and to lead the event planning process with compassion and flexibility. When you’re ready to begin planning, contact the Heritage Center to connect with one of our experienced planners and take the first steps to an extraordinary wedding day!