We’ve all been asked at one point or another to volunteer. Sometimes volunteering involves making a big difference in the lives of people around you and makes you feel good about yourself. Other times, it can feel like an unwelcome obligation. If you have an upcoming event and you need to attract volunteers, you’ll find the best results if you offer an incentive to help out.

Take a look at out list of volunteer incentives below:

The Warm, Fuzzy Feelings of Lending a Hand

As we said, some organizations have no problem attracting helpers because the work itself is instantly rewarding. Volunteers at places like animal shelters, senior living facilities, or day care programs see the worth of their time instantly on the face of the people (or animals) they help. If your company or organization has the opportunity, share the success of the donation to attract new volunteers.

Public Acknowledgement

Many people who volunteer don’t do it for the recognition. Some, such as college students, interns, or people looking to learn a new skill, would greatly appreciate a potential professional boost that can come from volunteering with a successful company. Letters of recommendation, articles in the local newspaper, and even social media posts can all help incentivize new volunteers.

Philanthropic Credit

Have you ever walked through a park and noticed a small plaque on a bench that read something like Donated by the Bank of Savings and Loan? This is a good example of philanthropic credit. It’s often a two-way street. Our fictional bank received advertising in a beautiful park, while the park got free seating. If you need funding or services for an event or project, seek out local sponsors who are willing to help in exchange for representation and advertising.

Give Small Gifts or Handouts

Everyone loves getting something for free! Whether it be a free lunch, entrance to a prize drawing, paid time off for employees, or gift cards. These small incentives can help attract plenty of volunteers for your event. Pro Tip: trade advertising or a sponsorship to a local business in exchange for a few gift cards. You can then use the gift cards as a thank-you to your volunteers!

The next time you start thinking about recruiting volunteers, don’t fret. It’s not as hard to find good help these days as some old clichés would have you believe. Offer your volunteer a little incentive, and you’re bound to have more than the number of people you need.

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