Hosting an event that requires planning a meal is stressful and there are many factors to consider. It can be difficult to decide on one that will satisfy your entire group. When thinking about your options, keep these factors in mind:

How Many People are you Feeding?

The amount of food and course options will be dependent on the number of attendees. You want to make sure everyone is satisfied, but a large buffet or four-course feast for a meeting of eight people isn’t necessary and might be uncomfortable.

Does the Meal Fit Within your Timeline?

If you have guests traveling long distances or your group has much to cover in the meeting, keep your meal simple. Focus your time on networking and problem-solving. If you plan on eating during a discussion or mingling time, consider portions and portability in your menu options.

Decide on a Service Style

There are five main types of food service, and not all of them fit each meeting or event. Evaluate all your options to decide which will fit best for your event:

  • Self-serve Buffet
  • Family Style Servings (a large bowl of food set to each table)
  • Heavy Appetizers
  • Food Stations
  • Traditional Plated Meal

Give Your Guests Options

Especially at larger events, it’s nearly impossible to know how your guests will respond to certain foods. Consider allergies, intolerances, religious choices, or health-conscious eating habits when you decide on a menu. It is best to offer your guests three entree options: a vegetarian option, a health-conscious option, and something more decadent.

What Would Appeal to your Audience?

Should your meal be fancy and impress the crowd, or would it be better to keep it simple? For an older crowd, staying simple might be the way to go, but younger audiences tend to appreciate spicier or more adventurous foods. Think about the theme of the event, as well. If you are discussing budgeting options for your company, a gourmet lunch might seem like a waste of funds.

Where Does your Food Come From?

When thinking about the food itself, do you imagine frozen, reheated food, or fresh, sustainable ingredients? Studies consistently reinforce that American consumers are integrating “sustainable” values into their daily lifestyles. Earle Brown Heritage Center is committed to offering foods that are earth, body, and community friendly. Serving food that is free of growth hormones or antibiotics, sustainable, packaged in renewable resources, and local to the region is very important to Earle Brown.

We have many options at Earle Brown Heritage Center.

Depending on the setting you would like to create, the audience attending your event, and the timeline of the day, you can choose between breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. From a delicious four-course plated option to a more casual (yet equally delicious) picnic from ‘the pit”, you’ll find something to fit your meeting perfectly.

View our Menus and check out The Heritage Day Plan Meeting Menu for day package options, or if you are hosting a shorter event, view our Corporate Menu.