Unique Bridal Shower Ideas

April is moving into May, and with it comes showers – bridal showers, that is. Traditionally, the bride’s aunts, sisters, or bridesmaids arrange this prenuptial celebration. If you find yourself in that category and are looking for some creative and unique bridal shower ideas, consider some of the options below.

A Bridal Brunch

Nothing gathers a group of gal pals together like a delicious brunch. There are tons of options to fit into this theme. Set up a yogurt bar with granola and fresh fruit or serve up some mini quiche and bacon skewers. Champagne flutes filled with mimosas are a must. If you don’t want to settle for coffee and pastries, check out some tasty recipe ideas from realsimple.com.

Cook up Something Special

Speaking of recipes, showcase the bride’s love of cooking with a full-flavored bridal shower theme. Have your guests share their favorite recipes with the bride and add them to a recipe book. Create a board with instructions for connecting on Pinterest. Use cooking items like colanders and graters and fill them with flowers for simple yet creative decor. Hang whisks from the ceiling with fishing wire and add a tea candle to the center. Give guests their own aprons, or have guests write messages and advice on the bride’s apron.

Take Your Group on a Trip

Destination showers are a fantastic idea, but not everyone can afford them. Instead of trying to take your group to Paris, bring Paris to them! Recreate the famous Pont Des Arts lock bridge with a decorative frame and chicken wire. Have your guests leave messages to the bride by attaching keys or small locks. Pick your bride’s favorite destination; Hawaii, Napa Valley, Rio de Janeiro – and recreate it right at home.

Plant the Right Seeds

Nothing says spring like a beautiful collection of flowers. Encourage your guests to start their own garden with seed packet party favors. Decorate the space with flower pots, garden tools, and seasonal blooms. This theme can also be a fresh take on gift-giving. Not every couple that is starting out these days is at square one. Many have the kitchen tools, hand towels, and linens they need. Instead, have the couple register at a garden center or home improvement store.

High Tea in the Garden

Using mismatched tea cups, tea sandwiches, and brightly colored macaroons, tea party shower themes are very popular. Take the ever-popular collection of potluck cakes and bars from bridal showers past and vamp them up with decorative cake stands and delicate china. Provide many options for tea and encourage your guests to sample more than one. Create cute name tags by taking the tag off a tea bag and replacing it with a handwritten card.

A Movie Matinee Shower

Base the bridal shower on the bride’s favorite movie. A Breakfast at Tiffany’s shower is a popular trend, featuring little black dresses, signature blue boxes, black sunglasses, and pearls galore. Other themes include Beauty and the Beast, Wuthering Heights, Singin’ in the Rain – even Tim Burton! If you can’t pick just one, don’t and create a cinema theme. Include a “ticket” in the invitations to let guests know the wedding is “coming soon.” Serve specialty popcorn and fizzy sodas and decorate with film reels and star banners. Have guests bring a copy of their favorite movie to add to the bride and groom’s collection.

Bridal showers should be as unique as the bride they are celebrating. Remember, just because they have certain traditions and perceptions doesn’t mean they should all be the same. Pick a theme that best fits your bride, even if it means making some new traditions.