Our last Chef’s Experience event took place on May 30th. There were four “all you can eat” food stations. Each station included a recipe card with instructions and ingredients for each of the delicious dishes. Our guests left happy and stuffed.

Food Menu

The menu definitely please the crowd. Favorites from the night included:


This grilled buffalo chicken salad with buttermilk avocado dressing. Tossed to order, this twist on a classic was delicious and flavorful.


House cured bacon and jalapeno wontons with maple dipping sauce. The chef was happy he made some extra; these apps were a big hit!


Cheddar potato horseradish croquettes. This twist on cheesy potato bites was a late find in the night and was to die for. It’s easy to continue filling up on these tasty bites – even after the point of being full!

We have to list two desserts because we couldn’t decide on a favorite! The photos speak for themselves:


Dessert red velvet twinkies with mascarpone and chocolate


S’mores trifle with marshmallow and graham cracker

Chefs Experience

Not only do adults love the fine dining experience at the Chef’s Experience. John & Jeff are aspiring Chefs who attended our Chef’s Experience in May. They both love making food that people enjoy – and eating it themselves, too! John and Jeff got to meet and talk with our Executive Chef Dave Harrison about what it’s like to be a chef. Thanks for stopping by guys! Hope to see you again and wish you both the best of luck!


Our next Chef’s Experience event will take place on September 11th in the Garden City Ballroom. Please enter at door #5. Doors open at 4:30 PM for a social/cocktail hour and dinner will take place from 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM.

Tickets are a steal at just $25! You can pre-order yours by calling (763) 569-6300. We hope to see you there!