Years from now, what do you think you’ll remember most about your wedding day? The clothing? The cake? The guests?

Maybe the venue that houses it all?

Choosing a wedding venue is a very big decision. It’s an important factor in your wedding photos, setting a guest list, booking musicians or a DJ, and much more. There are a few factors to keep in mind when choosing your wedding venue.

Set a Budget

Perhaps the most important decision to make before searching for a venue is your budget; even a general idea helps out. You don’t want to fall in love with something that will blow your budget. You should also ask venues about their deposit policy. How much of a deposit is required? When will you need to put down the deposit? (Usually, it’s when you sign a contract, but venues vary, so be sure to ask.)

guest book signing

Determine the Guest List

You can’t really pick a place to house your friends and family if you don’t know who you will be inviting. Venues range in capacity, and knowing what you will need is an important factor to understand before you start looking. Earle Brown Heritage Center has venue spaces for 100-1000 people. Guest lists big and small, we’ve got you covered.

Pick a Season

Wedding dates at venues fill up fast – sometimes a year or more in advance. It’s a good idea to stay a little flexible when it comes to dates – you might find yourself changing your date to fit availabilities.

jackie and jared wedding

Make Sure the Venue Fits Your Style

You want a venue that fits your idea of a dream wedding – not the other way around. You may have had your wedding colors, theme, or other details in mind years before you get married (or even meet your fiance!) so making these decisions – or at least having a general idea of your vision – is important.


What sort of amenities are you looking for in a wedding venue? A large ballroom? Nearby lodging? What sort of technology will you need? Are you looking for a one-stop shop of a venue that can host your ceremony, cocktails, dinner, and reception all in one place? These are important distinctions to make.

Lastly, does the venue have the photo opportunities you are looking for? Some couples make plans to take photos at other locations, others look to book a venue that offers great photo ops. Protip: ask your venue for images from previous weddings they have hosted.

Search for Reviews

Many venues should include testimonials on their website. You can also check online reviews on Google and wedding sites like Weddingwire, and The Knot

bride and groom in the rain

Have A Backup Plan

Especially in the fall, outdoor weddings can be absolutely picturesque. Though it might be good luck, rain can put a major damper on an outdoor wedding with no backup plan. Should rain suddenly cloud the picture, a good venue should also have an easy-to-implement Plan B to turn your outdoor wedding into an indoor one.

Ask for Help from the Professionals

A good wedding coordinator will take the stress of planning off of you and make your wedding as it should be – fun! At Earle Brown Heritage Center, our wedding planners are experts in their field. You don’t need to know everything about planning a wedding, we already do!

Chef's Experience

Understand Your Vendor Options

Vendor options vary from venue to venue. Some provide their own chefs, decor, and alcohol vendors while others require you to bring your own. Ask about these beforehand, especially if the venue has opportunities for you to view, test, or taste the options before you book. Earle Brown Heritage Center – for example – offers Chef’s Experience events that anyone can attend and try the delicious creations from our chefs.

Leave Your Options Open

When you begin looking for the perfect wedding venue, leave your options open. Make reservations to tour at least a few different venues and follow through with them all. Most importantly, don’t book the first place you tour. After all, there’s no harm in looking!


Keep these tips in mind when choosing your wedding venue. Most importantly, review your options carefully and take your time in choosing the venue that is your kind of perfect.

To learn more about hosting your wedding at Earle Brown Heritage Center and to schedule a tour, contact us today.