Choosing your dream wedding venue is one of the most thrilling decisions in your relationship! But it can also be overwhelming. The Heritage Center of Brooklyn Center is honored to have been the chosen wedding venue for hundreds of couples, and we’re here to explain how to choose a wedding venue from start to finish.

Here at the Heritage Center of Brooklyn Center, we understand the significance of this search, and we’re here to guide you through how to pick a wedding venue. So, get ready for some straightforward tips that will turn your wedding planning journey into an exciting and stress-free experience, including…

“The venue is historic, classic and beautiful. The access to the outdoor courtyard is a terrific plus for our guests. The venue is experienced and knowledgeable to keep things moving and planning for the full event. We worked with Stacey as our coordinator. The staff was terrific and incredibly helpful!”

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Prepping To Find A Wedding Venue Tips

Before you start scheduling wedding venue tours, there are a few steps you should take. First, envision your dream day – consider the theme, activities, guest list, and what you want to occur before and after the ceremony. Next, set a realistic budget to guide your choices. Lastly, quickly research to spot potential venues that match your vision.

Establish Your Wedding Vision And Style

Defining your wedding style – be it rustic, modern, or traditional – acts as the roadmap to your dream wedding. It’s not just about pretty details; it’s about celebrating your love somewhere you’ll love on your wedding day and many years in the future.

It might be helpful to start by browsing through wedding venue galleries online, typing relevant keywords into Pinterest, and flipping through bridal magazines. Save images as you go along and create a mood board that you can reference for inspiration every step of the way.

Set A Realistic Budget

Setting a budget influences everything from decor to catering and the size of your guest list. As you gather wedding venue price quotes, set aside a portion for the bigger elements (venue, food, decor, entertainment), but don’t overlook the smaller details – hair and makeup, photographer, the food and drinks you might need while getting dressed with bridesmaids and groomsmen, gift bags, guestbooks, and so on.

Consider The Guest List Size

The size of your guest list will guide your venue for a wedding. You’ll want a space that comfortably accommodates your guests, avoids overcrowding, and leaves plenty of room to move and dance. The size of your event space should also consider any entertainment or activities you want, common areas for guests to mingle, and perhaps some quieter places where people can go if they need to step away from the celebrations.

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Research And Shortlist Venues

Before saying ‘I do’ to a venue, take the time to research and create a shortlist of venues that catch your eye. Create a checklist of “must-haves” – think size, aesthetics, and amenities. This way, when you visit, you’ll know exactly what to look for.

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How To Find A Wedding Venue Tips

This next section will cover how to utilize online resources and reviews, the value of working with a wedding planner, which questions to ask during tours, and more. We’ll tell you exactly what to look for in a wedding venue, and you can apply these tips to your celebration no matter what kind of dream ceremony you’re planning!

Utilize Online Resources And Reviews

Wedding websites and social media are treasure troves of detailed information and real-life stories from couples who have walked down the same aisle. Honest reviews will help guide you to hidden gems and avoid venues that make promises they can’t keep. When doing your research, type in some keywords that relate to the vibe you’re going for – and make sure to include your location. For example, you might search “barn wedding in [City],” “intimate wedding venue in [City],” or “unique wedding space in [City].”

Reach Out To A Wedding Planner For Expert Guidance

If you are overwhelmed by the process or can’t find what you’re looking for, it could be time to call in an expert. Wedding planners can find places that fit your style and budget, and they might even be able to tap into their network and get you some exclusive deals! They will handle the details and allow you to worry about nothing besides enjoying your big day.

Get ideas and inspiration for a memorable wedding theme!

Schedule Venue Tours And Ask Questions

Visiting venues in person will help determine whether you truly love a place. Schedule tours and ask questions about packages, restrictions, and customization options. Get a real sense of logistics to ensure your celebration aligns with the chosen venue. 

In the journey of how to pick a wedding venue, these questions will get you closer to a decision:

  • What does the total price include?
  • Are there additional fees we should be aware of?
  • Do you offer any customizable packages?
  • How many guests can the venue comfortably accommodate?
  • Is there a designated space to get dressed?
  • Do you have an in-house catering service, or can we bring our own?
  • Are there preferred vendors, and can we choose our own?
  • What restrictions exist regarding decor and personal touches?
  • Is there a noise curfew or any restrictions on music?
  • Is the venue wheelchair accessible?
  • Are there nearby accommodations for out-of-town guests?

Consider Location And Accessibility

To make attending your wedding simple and convenient for guests, consider proximity to transportation and accommodations for anyone traveling from out of town. The Heritage Center is nestled in a prime and accessible location, close to hotels, major highways, and restaurants that travelers will love!

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How To Choose A Wedding Venue Tips

Now, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of what to look for in a wedding venue. We’ll unravel assessing space capabilities, the catering landscape, avoiding hidden costs, and what to look for in the fine print of contracts. Let’s turn your dream celebration into a reality, one carefully chosen detail at a time!

Consider The Venue’s Space Capabilities

Evaluate a venue’s space wisely. Ensure it accommodates your guest list, has room for a dance floor, and offers versatile areas for both ceremony and reception. A thoughtful layout will make the whole celebration flow naturally.

Evaluate Catering And Dining Options

A delectable dining experience adds the perfect flavor to your big day! Depending on what a venue offers, you may be able to choose between in-house or external caterers. Make sure to ask if caterers can accommodate dietary preferences and restrictions! Here at the Heritage Center, an in-house catering team will create a custom menu to complement your celebration perfectly.

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Check For Hidden Costs And Extras

Beware of hidden costs! Ask about service fees, setup/cleanup costs, and equipment rental fees. Uncover all potential charges to avoid surprises and keep your budget on track for a stress-free celebration.

Review Contracts And Policies Thoroughly

Before sealing the deal, look closely at the venue’s contract details – payment schedules, cancellation policies, insurance requirements, and any restrictions. Clear comprehension helps prevent last-minute surprises so you can execute what you have in mind for your big day.

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The Heritage Center Of Brooklyn Center Has Multiple Venue Sizes For Your Perfect Minnesotan Wedding

From envisioning your dream day to touring venues and signing contracts, each step is essential to your love story. To make your day one that perfectly exemplifies you and your partner, choose the Heritage Center of Brooklyn Center – an enchanting wedding venue just waiting for you to say, ‘I do!’ 

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