The holidays are a beautiful time for many couples. Many people use this time of year to get down on one knee to propose to the special person in their lives.

With the right amount of preparation, these can become the proposals of your significant other’s dream. Take notes!

Ask The Family for Their Blessing

Nothing sets a relationship up for failure faster than a family’s distrust. It’s important to let them know that you are planning to pop the question. Get on the good side of your future bride or groom’s family by asking for their blessing. Your future fiancé will thank you for taking this step.

Consult Friends and Family

Ask friends and family – especially those on your partner’s side – for ideas and help in setting up the perfect proposal. Likely they will have some personalized ideas and will be able to help plan the proposal – or at least give you some unique ideas.

Find Ways to Ask for Their Ideas

Test out your investigator skills by asking questions that lead to your partner’s proposal ideas without tipping them off. You can do this by asking about ideas for a date that might translate into the proposal.

  • Would you prefer to go out to a restaurant or make dinner at home?

Knowing if they prefer an intimate or more public setting is important.

  • Do you want to invite people to join us? How many people/who?

This decision can say a lot about the proposal. Do they prefer an intimate setting with you, or a fun, boisterous event? If they do decide to invite friends or family, it also gives you a good idea of who they trust or enjoy the company of most.

  • What is your love language?

If your partner doesn’t know, take the assessment together. It will inform you of how you both best receive love, which will be important to incorporate into your proposal.

Keep the Surprise

Be careful of how many hints you give away, how many people you tell, and make sure no one lets on that the proposal is coming. The best proposals come as a complete surprise!

Plan Something Unique to You as a Couple

Don’t stop on the first proposal idea. Make the setting, mood, and moment as unique to the two of you as possible. You can propose in a place special to you both, or find a unique way of presenting the ring. Your new fiancé will appreciate any way that you can personalize the moment to showcase what makes your relationship special.

Don’t Lose the Intimacy of the Moment

Remember that this moment is about the two of you. Don’t get caught up in making a grand proposal or proposing in front of family or a crowd of strangers if it takes away from what will be special for you two. When in doubt, keep it simple and keep it intimate.

Don’t Propose Without Knowing How They Will Respond

An unwanted proposal is sure to ruin the holiday. Discuss an engagement with your partner to make sure that you are on the same page and to take the next step. Setting expectations and making sure you are both ready to take that step is crucial.

Don’t Improvise

Have a plan going into the proposal. Whether the moment is high or low maintenance, knowing how you are going to propose and an idea of what you are going to say is important. This is a special moment that you both will want to remember throughout your lives, don’t wing it!

Don’t Blow the Budget on an Extravagant Proposal or Ring

Starting off an engagement in debt is a sure sign of trouble. Make a budget for the engagement and stick to it. A general rule of thumb for an engagement ring is no more than the cost of three months worth of salary. If you’re on a particularly tight budget, you can often find nice rings for less and proposals can be free!

Keeping these tips in mind will ensure that you and your future fiancé have a personalized proposal story to tell. When it comes time to find the perfect venue to match the proposal, visit Earle Brown Heritage Center.