So much has been postponed due to COVID-19, but your proposal doesn’t have to be. No matter where you’re quarantining, there are ways to make your at-home proposal romantic, memorable and creative. Planned to pop the question in Paris? Bring the City of Lights to your backyard with a full Parisian picnic spread. Wanted to get down on one knee with all your friends and family in attendance? A Zoom call can do the trick!

There are so many options for making your at-home proposal truly special. Explore our guide to some of the best, most romantic at-home proposal ideas:

Cook a Special Meal

Yes, it’s a huge bummer that we can’t visit our favorite restaurants, but what if you made a romantic date-night out of recreating your favorite spot’s signature dish at home? Trying to replicate a special meal, whether it’s the pizza you had on your first date or the pad thai you both crave on the regular, can be a fun, adventurous lead-up to popping the question.

If you really want to impress your spouse-to-be, set the scene with candles, your best table linens and a special soundtrack of your favorite tunes, and let them relax while you cook for them. Or, if cooking together is one of your favorite hobbies already, make it a tag-team effort. At the end of the night, find the right moment to get down on one knee—sneak the ring into dessert at your own risk!

Bring Your Favorite Hang-Out Home

Speaking of your favorite local hang-outs, your at-home proposal could take the above idea a step further by fully recreating a restaurant, bar, venue or other location that’s special to you as a couple. If you were regulars at your neighborhood brewery, consider picking up a growler or two of beer and some branded glassware. Head home, dim the lights, turn on some “Crowded Bar” ambient sounds courtesy of YouTube—you get the idea. Bonus points if you hire a local musician or band who’d normally play the place’s open mic nights to serenade you both over Zoom!

Embark on a “Staycation”

Travel isn’t really in the forecast for the foreseeable future, but that’s okay. Rather than lamenting your cancelled trips, pivot to a “staycation” for a romantic, memorable setting for your proposal. Your future spouse will appreciate your positivity and creativity! Some travel-free itinerary ideas to get you started:

  • Bring Hawaii to your home with a roast pig luau in the backyard complete with flaming torches, tiki drinks and, of course, some relaxing island tunes.
  • Camping trip got cancelled? Time for a grown-up camping excursion in your own yard—don’t skimp on the s’mores or fireside snuggles.
  • Ciao Bella! Prosecco + pizza + “Roman Holiday” (or maybe rent a Vespa to recreate the iconic film yourself?) = a perfect Italian engagement, stateside.
  • You’ll always have Paris, even if you’ve never technically been. Some Champagne, a baguette with all the fixings (quality butter, fine ham and cheeses galore, naturally,) and some gorgeous French desserts like macarons and profiteroles will make for the perfect Parisian picnic. Add some romantic French music and you’ve got yourself a proposal, mon amie.
  • Vegas or bust! Rent some arcade games to have set up at home for an evening (or weekend, we’re not judging!) of Vegas-inspired fun. Hire an Elvis impersonator to croon to you over Zoom, add some “bottle service” courtesy of your own fridge, and find your own little slice of heaven in “Sin City.”

Get Your Pets Involved

At-home proposals don’t have to be huge productions, but they should feel more special than the average day at home. One way to accomplish this? Get your furry babies involved! If you share pets together, consider bringing them in on the action with cute signs or bandanas, a photo session, or even having them present the ring! Sharing your special moment with your pets will melt the heart of your spouse-to-be, and will represent your first milestone together as a family!

Host a Virtual Celebration

Some folks dream of getting engaged with their friends and family in attendance, so they can bear witness to the important moment and immediately begin celebrating! In the age of social distancing, this is harder to accomplish—but definitely not impossible!

Send everyone except your partner a link to a pre-scheduled Zoom meeting, and clue them all in as to what’s going to happen once you’re all present. Tell your partner your family just wanted to say hello, then surprise them with all of their loved ones on screen as you get down on one knee! If it’s important to your partner that you ask their family for their hand before proposing, be sure to do that well ahead of time, to avoid any awkward moments!

Make It Spontaneous

At the end of the day, the best, most memorable proposals are the ones that are personal and distinctly “you” as a couple. If you’ve put thought into how best to pop the question, your partner will love the moment no matter what—simply because it is your moment, together. It should feel special in some way, but the most important thing is that it fits your relationship and kicks off your engagement with love and excitement. A spontaneous proposal can be one of the most romantic ways to ask for forever. You’re so overwhelmed with love, you can’t wait another minute! Of course, planning for and stressing over a spontaneous proposal defeats the purpose, so don’t overthink it. You’ll know when the moment is right. You don’t even need to have the ring in your hand when you do it: Just get down on one knee and speak from your heart. The rest will figure itself out.

After the Proposal

Congratulations! The nerve-wracking part is over, and the wedding planning can being. At Earle Brown, we’ve helped hundreds of couples from all backgrounds and walks of life plan their dream weddings on our picturesque historic grounds. Contact us to connect with one of our expert planners and begin envisioning your extraordinary wedding today!